Mark Dewhirst, DVM, PhD
Duke University Medical Center

Tom Hei, PhD
Columbia University

Kathryn Held, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital

William McLaughlin, MBA, President
Precision X-Ray

Simon Powell, MD, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Jacqueline Williams, PhD
University of Rochester Medical Center

The Radiation Research Foundation
(RRF) is a nonprofit, 501c3 foundation
created in 2016 to support the
Radiation Research Society

  The Radiation Research Society is offering a generous $50,000 matching of funds program,
in support of RRS, as well as to encourage donations.

Dear Friend,

The Radiation Research Foundation (RRF) is a nonprofit, 501c(3) created in 2016 by RRF Board Members to
support research and education efforts that will enhance and advance the important role of Radiation Research
within the junior faculty members of the scientific community.

There are various Donor Levels to consider;

Photon: $100-$499
Electron: $500-$999

Proton: $1,000-$9,999
Alpha: $10,000-$49,999
Heavy Ion: $50,000-$100,000


Thank you for considering becoming a supporting donor of the RRF, your
support is investing in the future of our scientific community. If you have 
questions about this project, or suggestions and comments, please contact 
any of the board members.

Radiation Research Foundation Board Members

  Radiation Research Foundation
For more information on the Radiation Research Foundation (RRS), contact us by EMAIL or at (317) 944-1308