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April 2015 Table of Contents
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A Commentary on: “A History of the United States Department of Energy (DOE) Low Dose Radiation Research Program: 1998–2008” Antone L. Brooks (pages 375-381)

Metabolomic Profiling of Urine Samples from Mice Exposed to Protons Reveals Radiation Quality and Dose Specific Differences Evagelia C. Laiakis, Daniela Trani, Bo-Hyun Moon, Steven J. Strawn, and Albert J. Fornace (pages 382-390)

NFκB and Survivin-Mediated Radio-Adaptive Response David J. Grdina, Jeffrey S. Murley, Richard C. Miller, Gayle E. Woloschak, and Jian Jian Li (pages 391-397)

Type 2 Diabetes is a Delayed Late Effect of Whole-Body Irradiation in Nonhuman Primates Kylie Kavanagh, Michael D. Dendinger, Ashley T. Davis, Thomas C. Register, Ryne DeBo, Greg Dugan, and J. Mark Cline (pages 398-406)

Analyses of Ionizing Radiation Effects In Vitro in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes with Raman Spectroscopy A. Maguire, I. Vegacarrascal, L. White, B. McClean, O. Howe, F. M. Lyng, and A. D. Meade (pages 407-416)

Induction and Repair of DNA DSB as Revealed by H2AX Phosphorylation Foci in Human Fibroblasts Exposed to Low- and High-LET Radiation: Relationship with Early and Delayed Reproductive Cell Death F. Antonelli, A. Campa, G. Esposito, P. Giardullo, M. Belli, V. Dini, S. Meschini, G. Simone, E. Sorrentino, S. Gerardi, G. A. P. Cirrone, and M. A. Tabocchini (pages 417-431)

Biodosimetry Based on γ-H2AX Quantification and Cytogenetics after Partial- and Total-Body Irradiation during Fractionated Radiotherapy Sebastian Zahnreich, Anne Ebersberger, Bernd Kaina, and Heinz Schmidberger (pages 432-446)

Chronic Gamma-Irradiation Induces a Dose-Rate-Dependent Pro-inflammatory Response and Associated Loss of Function in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells T. Ebrahimian, C. Le Gallic, J. Stefani, I. Dublineau, R. Yentrapalli, M. Harms-Ringdahl, and S. Haghdoost (pages 447-454)

Ionizing Radiation-Induced Cell Death Is Partly Caused by Increase of Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species in Normal Human Fibroblast Cells Shinko Kobashigawa, Genro Kashino, Keiji Suzuki, Shunichi Yamashita, and Hiromu Mori (pages 455-464)

Mitigation of the Hematopoietic and Gastrointestinal Acute Radiation Syndrome by Octadecenyl Thiophosphate, a Small Molecule Mimic of Lysophosphatidic Acid Wenlin Deng, Yasuhiro Kimura, Veeresh Gududuru, Wenjie Wu, Andrea Balogh, Erzsebet Szabo, Karin Emmons Thompson, C. Ryan Yates, Louisa Balazs, Leonard R. Johnson, Duane D. Miller, Jur Strobos, W. Shannon McCool, and Gabor J. Tigyi (pages 465-475)


Comments on Estimating Risks of Low Radiation Doses—A Critical Review of the BEIR VII Report and Its Use of the Linear No-Threshold (LNT) Hypothesis by Edward J. Calabrese and Michael K. O'Connor Kevin D. Crowley, Harry M. Cullings, Reid D. Landes, Roy E. Shore, and Robert L. Ullrich (pages 476-481)

Response to Comments on “Estimating Risks of Low Radiation Doses—A Critical Review of the BEIR VII Report and Its Use of the Linear No-Threshold (LNT) Hypothesis” Michael K. O'Connor and Edward J. Calabrese (pages 481-484)


In Memoriam: Arthur C. Upton (1923–2015) John D. Boice (pages 485-486)

ERRATUM Radiation Research (pages e51-e51)

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