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May 2015 Table of Contents
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Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Oxygen-Dependent Radiosensitivity Chao Liu, Qun Lin, and Zhong Yun (pages 487-496)

A Tribute to Philip Marcus and the Development of the Clonogenic Assay Mary-Keara Boss and Mark Dewhirst (pages 497-500)

What Level of Accuracy Is Achievable for Preclinical Dose Painting Studies on a Clinical Irradiation Platform? Daniela Trani, Brigitte Reniers, Lucas Persoon, Mark Podesta, Georgi Nalbantov, Ralph T. H. Leijenaar, Marlies Granzier, Ala Yaromina, Ludwig Dubois, Frank Verhaegen, and Philippe Lambin (pages 501-510)

Radiation-Induced Epigenetic Bystander Effects Demonstrated in Arabidopsis Thaliana Wei Xu, Ting Wang, Shuyan Xu, Shaoxin Xu, Lijun Wu, Yuejin Wu, and Po Bian (pages 511-524)

Spectrum of Radiation-Induced Clustered Non-DSB Damage – A Monte Carlo Track Structure Modeling and Calculations Ritsuko Watanabe, Shirin Rahmanian, and Hooshang Nikjoo (pages 525-540)

Treatment Age, Dose and Sex Determine Neuroanatomical Outcome in Irradiated Juvenile Mice A. Elizabeth de Guzman, Lisa M. Gazdzinski, Richard J. Alsop, James M. Stewart, David A. Jaffray, C. Shun Wong, and Brian J. Nieman (pages 541-549)

Mortality from Circulatory System Diseases among French Uranium Miners: A Nested Case-Control Study Damien Drubay, Sylvaine Caër-Lorho, Pierre Laroche, Dominique Laurier, and Estelle Rage (pages 550-562)

Radioprotective Effect of Kupffer Cell Depletion on Hepatic Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells Yi-Xing Chen, Zhao-Chong Zeng, Jing Sun, Zhen-Yu Zhang, Hai-Ying Zeng, and Wei-Xu Hu (pages 563-570)

Connecting Radiation-Induced Bystander Effects and Senescence to Improve Radiation Response Prediction Jan Poleszczuk, Aleksandra Krzywon, Urszula Forys, and Maria Widel (pages 571-577)


Hemorrhage Trauma Increases Radiation-Induced Trabecular Bone Loss and Marrow Cell Depletion in Mice Joshua M. Swift, Joan T. Smith, and Juliann G. Kiang (pages 578-583)

In Memoriam: Warren K. Sinclair (March 9, 1924–May 14, 2014) E. Blakely (pages 584-585)

In Memoriam: H. Rodney Withers (21 September 1932–25 February 2015) W. H. McBride, K. A. Mason, L. J. Peters, and H. D. Thames (pages 586-588)

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