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General Information and Objectives
The Radiation Research Society's objectives are threefold:To encourage in the broadest manner the advancement of radiation research in all areas of the natural sciences;To facilitate cooperative research between the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine in the study of the properties and effects of radiation;To promote dissemination of knowledge in these and related fields through publications, meetings and educational symposia.   Meetings
The Society holds an annual meeting that features both contributed and invited papers from all fields of radiation research, particularly physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. The presentations include award and invited lectures, invited symposia devoted to specific topics of current interest, refresher courses and workshops. Poster presentations complementary to the oral sessions provide a more informal opportunity for communication between the attendees. Approximately 1000 members of the society typically attend each Annual Meeting.As well as the Annual Meeting. RRS supports the planning and organization of the International Congress of Radiation Research. These Congresses occur every four years. Past meetings have been held in Burlington, Vermont (1958); Harrogate, England (1962); Cortina, Italy (1966); Evian, France (1970); Seattle, Washington (1974); Tokyo, Japan (1979); Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1983); Edinburgh, Scotland (1987); Toronto, Canada (1991); Würzburg, Germany (1995); Dublin, Ireland (1999), Brisbane, Australia (2003); and San Francisco, California (2007).   Official Publications
Radiation Research is the official publication of the society. This journal publishes each month original articles in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine dealing with radiation effects and related subjects. The term radiation is used in its broadest sense and includes ultraviolet, infrared and visible light as well as ionizing radiation. Effects may be physical, chemical or biological. Related subjects include methods of dosimetry and instrumentation, isotope techniques and the action of chemical modifiers contributing to the study of radiation effects.The Radiation Research Society distributes a newsletter, rrsNEWS , to members several times a year. Committee reports, announcements, details on national and international meetings, and other matters of interest to the members are contained in each issue.The Membership Directory is available online to all members. Correspondence relative to the directory should be directed to the Society office.   Membership of the Radiation Research Society

The White House's evasive maneuvers with the media leave the public in the darkOpen in a New Window


Trump ends his self-made crisis where it started: TwitterOpen in a New Window

President Donald Trump finally, grudgingly, had no choice but to come clean.


Jon Stewart tells media to stop whiningOpen in a New Window

Jon Stewart joins Stephen Colbert to talk about Donald Trump's relationship with the media and give the media some advice.


Tapper on Trump tapes: 'The plan seems to have backfired'Open in a New Window

On Thursday morning, President Donald Trump formally revealed what many within Washington, DC had already assumed: he does not, in fact, have recordings of his conversation with former FBI Chief James Comey.


Opinion: Trump has us through the looking glassOpen in a New Window

As the Mad Hatter of the White House tweeted his response to Congress's questions on Thursday about the existence of audiotapes related to James B. Comey's firing as FBI director, he stayed true to character. "I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings," President Trump announced. But he also added that "with all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea..."


Obama slams Senate health care billOpen in a New Window

President Barack Obama on Thursday spoke out against a proposed GOP Senate bill that dismantles the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.


McConnell has 1 week to get 2 more votesOpen in a New Window

The math isn't there yet for Mitch McConnell.


Democrats can't quit PelosiOpen in a New Window

Nancy Pelosi is sending a defiant message to House Democrats who are grumbling about her leadership: Come at me.


WaPo: Putin directed US election hacksOpen in a New Window

The Washington Post reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed the hacking of DNC emails to help elect President Trump.


Surrounded by lawyers, Trump back in familiar stanceOpen in a New Window

When Donald Trump was seeking out a lawyer to represent him in his tabloid-bait divorce from first wife, Ivana, a swarm of attorneys descended on his office in Manhattan, hoping to proffer their services upon the real estate mogul.


Trump calls Mueller-Comey friendship 'bothersome' Open in a New Window

In an interview with "Fox and Friends," President Donald Trump expresses his concern over Robert Mueller's friendship with former FBI Director James Comey.


Anchor grills congressman: Who leaked?Open in a New Window

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina confirmed to CNN's Erin Burnett Thursday that Coats did meet with the House intelligence committee.


Sanders: 'Democratic brand is pretty bad'Open in a New Window

Sen. Bernie Sanders said Thursday he agreed with Democratic congressman Tim Ryan's claim that the Democratic brand is worse than President Donald Trump's in some parts of the country.


Johnny Depp: 'When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?'Open in a New Window

Even before Johnny Depp said it, the actor seemed to know that his comment would be controversial.


New details emerge in USS Fitzgerald collision investigationOpen in a New Window

Five of the seven Navy sailors who died aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald when it collided with a cargo ship off the east coast of Japan may have been almost instantly "incapacitated" and died quickly, according to a preliminary Navy analysis, a defense official told CNN.


Arab states give Qatar list of demandsOpen in a New Window

Four Arab states that have isolated Qatar have handed the country a list of 13 demands, including some that are likely to infuriate Doha and exacerbate the region's worst crisis in decades.


Did DJ just reveal Banksy's identity?Open in a New Window

British DJ Goldie might just have spoiled one of modern art's biggest mysteries: The identity of street artist Banksy.


Manslaughter charges possible in London high-rise fireOpen in a New Window

London's Metropolitan Police Service said Friday it is considering manslaughter charges among the criminal offenses that may have been committed in relation to last week's deadly Grenfell Tower fire.


Protester shot at point blank rangeOpen in a New Window

A 22-year-old protester died after being shot three times in the chest by a national guard at point blank range in Caracas, Venezuela.


N. Korea: Warmbier's death 'a mystery' Open in a New Window

Days after the death of US student Otto Warmbier following 17 months detention in North Korea, the country's state media claimed his death was a "mystery."


South Korean official says North Korea could share 2018 OlympicsOpen in a New Window

South Korea could share hosting duties of the 2018 Winter Olympics with its northern neighbor, the governor of the host province has suggested.


VP goes on trial over Bugattis, yachts and a Paris mansionOpen in a New Window

The son of Equatorial Guinea's President is on trial in France for splurging on a Parisian mansion, a private jet and a fleet of luxury cars using tens of millions of dollars he allegedly looted from his country.


Factory where Trump gave jobs speech will lay off 200 workersOpen in a New Window


Coal company CEO sues John OliverOpen in a New Window


Sniper hit ISIS target 2 miles away, Canadian military saysOpen in a New Window

A Canadian special operations sniper successfully hit an ISIS fighter from a record-breaking distance of more than two miles away while assisting Iraqi forces in the push to retake Mosul, according to Canadian Special Operations Command.


5 things to know todayOpen in a New Window

It's the first official weekend of summer, so treat yourself by taking a few days off from thinking about the health care bill. But not quite yet! Here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get "5 Things You Need to Know Today" delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here.)


NBA Draft: Grades for every pickOpen in a New Window


QB signs largest deal in NFL historyOpen in a New Window


Has Trump created 33,000 mining jobs?Open in a New Window

CNN's Jake Tapper, in partnership with, checks a Trump claim that the President added 33,000 mining jobs since his inauguration.


Allred to Lemon: Don't talk over meOpen in a New Window

During a discussion with CNN host Don Lemon, attorney Gloria Allred accused the anchor of talking over her.


Fitness model dies in freak kitchen accidentOpen in a New Window

A popular social media fitness personality died after what can only be described as a freak accident involving a whipped cream canister.


Hero inmates get sentences cutOpen in a New Window

Inmates in Georgia are getting their sentences shortened for helping a sheriff's deputy who collapsed while on security detail.


Sex offender moves next door to his victimOpen in a New Window

Fourteen years ago, Danyelle Dyer was molested by her step-uncle.


The unlikely heroes of the opioid epidemicOpen in a New Window

A crowd hovered over the man lying on the grass as his skin turned purple. Chera Kowalski crouched next to his limp body, a small syringe in her gloved hand.


Health scares and rehab for once-conjoined boysOpen in a New Window

Nicole McDonald eases her silver minivan across Bear Mountain Bridge and hooks a right onto the steep two-lane highway.


Separating Jadon & Anias: The RecoveryOpen in a New Window

Get an exclusive look inside the operating room as surgeons separate 13-month-old conjoined twins Jadon and Anias McDonald. Plus, see how the little boys are doing today. Viewer discretion is advised.


Separated twins move to rehabOpen in a New Window

The McDonald twins, born conjoined at the head, are faring well in rehab months after a marathon surgery to separate them. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.


Key moments inside the operating roomOpen in a New Window

The surgical team labored for 27 painstaking hours to separate twins Jadon and Anias McDonald. The boys were born joined at the head. The surgery to separate them was rare and complicated.


Mom holds separated twin for first timeOpen in a New Window

In what can best be described as a bundle of cuteness, Nicole McDonald held her son Jadon alone for the first time. The mother described it as "one of the most profound moments of my life."


Bourdain: Where even the bad restaurants are goodOpen in a New Window


Mummy DNA may shake up Egyptian historyOpen in a New Window

Ancient Egyptians and their modern counterparts share less in common than you might think. That is, at least genetically, a team of scientists have found.


Photos capture the surreal realities of Soviet life Open in a New Window

At first, photography was just a hobby for Boris Mikhailov. It was only after was fired from his engineering job following a KGB raid in the 1960s (they discovered nude photos he'd taken of his wife) that he decided to dedicate himself wholly to the craft.


Road rage incident caught on camera Open in a New Window

A road rage wreck caught on camera shows an altercation with a motorcycle and a car that resulted in a SUV flipping on the highway.


7 things to know before the bellOpen in a New Window

EU summit; Healthy banks; American Airlines


Must-have gadgets for business travelersOpen in a New Window


Coolest hotel bars for business travelers Open in a New Window


Zuckerberg: Why I changed Facebook's missionOpen in a New Window

Mark Zuckerberg has spent the last dozen years making sure you know what your friends' babies look like and what your high school friends think about politics.


Ron Howard to direct Han Solo 'Star Wars' filmOpen in a New Window

Ron Howard will be stepping in to direct the upcoming Han Solo spinoff "Star Wars" film after the original directors stepped down two days ago, Lucasfilm announced on Thursday.


Would Trump make a good royal?Open in a New Window

The power of the British monarchy has been on display during recent tragedies.


GOP's remarkable move to the right on healthcareOpen in a New Window

In 1965, 13 Senate and 70 House Republicans joined Democrats to pass the Social Security Amendments that created Medicare and Medicaid. Many Republicans in the House and Senate took this vote kicking and screaming, but in the end, they joined the Democratic majority to create the largest expansion of government health care coverage in American history until the Affordable Care Act.


In Castile shooting, a 4-year-old gives 'The Talk'Open in a New Window

A four-year-old girl was left to protect her mother in the only way she knew how: by telling her mom to be just a little more perfect, a survival tactic many black parents have felt forced to teach their children in an America in which dark skin is still too frequently seen as threatening.


Fire Mueller? Here's why it's likely Trump can'tOpen in a New Window


When I witnessed death by appointmentOpen in a New Window

TV kliegs lit up live shots in one corner of the parking lot, where protesters prayed, preached and crowded onto the scene. Midnight, January 5, 1994, was coming fast.


Axelrod: Republicans, don't kid yourselfOpen in a New Window

The facile headlines the morning after the Georgia 6th donnybrook wrote themselves:


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4 signs of stubborn psoriatic arthritisOpen in a New Window


Debt escape plan: Pay no interest until 2019Open in a New Window


Defiant Pelosi says she's not going anywhere Open in a New Window

A defiant Nancy Pelosi made it clear she's not going anywhere, brushing off critics from her own party saying "I think I'm worth the trouble."


Gowdy decries leaks out of Coats meeting with House intelligenceOpen in a New Window

Rep. Trey Gowdy on Thursday warned his fellow lawmakers about leaking information from closed briefings.


Wyclef Jean gets political: Refugees, fake news and Trump's most powerful weaponOpen in a New Window

As the fate of President Donald Trump's travel ban hangs in the balance, Wyclef Jean is sending an empowering message to immigrants and refugees: America wouldn't be great without you.


Trump's plan for 5-year welfare ban for immigrants is already lawOpen in a New Window

President Donald Trump proposed Wednesday night reforming the welfare system by putting into law a statute that has been the law of the land since 1996.


Shop brews opportunity for people with disabilitiesOpen in a New Window

Coffee shops are cool, but in Wilmington, North Carolina, Bitty & Beau's Coffee is known for its warmth.


Teens still have sex, most use contraceptionOpen in a New Window

American teens' sex habits and contraceptive use haven't changed much over the past decade, according to a new report from the National Survey of Family Growth, which is administered by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


DeMario Jackson will not be returning to 'Bachelor in Paradise'Open in a New Window

DeMario Jackson is saying adios to "Bachelor In Paradise."


'Glee' star Charice Pempengco is now Jake ZyrusOpen in a New Window

Four years after coming out, Charice Pempengco has changed her name to Jake Zyrus.


Stephen Colbert is in RussiaOpen in a New Window


Unlikely rom-com 'The Big Sick' is all heartOpen in a New Window

"The Big Sick" is the kind of little movie that's likely to have a big impact, perhaps especially on the career of comic and "Silicon Valley" co-star Kumail Nanjiani, whose deeply personal story is the basis for the film. Produced by comedy kingpin Judd Apatow, it's an unorthodox romance, set against a backdrop of clashing cultures and America's melting pot.


'Downton Abbey' the movie is comingOpen in a New Window

The Crawley family is headed to the big screen.


Instant vacation: The world's best travel photosOpen in a New Window

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