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General Information and Objectives
The Radiation Research Society's objectives are threefold:To encourage in the broadest manner the advancement of radiation research in all areas of the natural sciences;To facilitate cooperative research between the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine in the study of the properties and effects of radiation;To promote dissemination of knowledge in these and related fields through publications, meetings and educational symposia.   Meetings
The Society holds an annual meeting that features both contributed and invited papers from all fields of radiation research, particularly physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. The presentations include award and invited lectures, invited symposia devoted to specific topics of current interest, refresher courses and workshops. Poster presentations complementary to the oral sessions provide a more informal opportunity for communication between the attendees. Approximately 1000 members of the society typically attend each Annual Meeting.As well as the Annual Meeting. RRS supports the planning and organization of the International Congress of Radiation Research. These Congresses occur every four years. Past meetings have been held in Burlington, Vermont (1958); Harrogate, England (1962); Cortina, Italy (1966); Evian, France (1970); Seattle, Washington (1974); Tokyo, Japan (1979); Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1983); Edinburgh, Scotland (1987); Toronto, Canada (1991); Würzburg, Germany (1995); Dublin, Ireland (1999), Brisbane, Australia (2003); and San Francisco, California (2007).   Official Publications
Radiation Research is the official publication of the society. This journal publishes each month original articles in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine dealing with radiation effects and related subjects. The term radiation is used in its broadest sense and includes ultraviolet, infrared and visible light as well as ionizing radiation. Effects may be physical, chemical or biological. Related subjects include methods of dosimetry and instrumentation, isotope techniques and the action of chemical modifiers contributing to the study of radiation effects.The Radiation Research Society distributes a newsletter, rrsNEWS , to members several times a year. Committee reports, announcements, details on national and international meetings, and other matters of interest to the members are contained in each issue.The Membership Directory is available online to all members. Correspondence relative to the directory should be directed to the Society office.   Membership of the Radiation Research Society

White House communications director says President still doesn't accept US intelligence conclusion on RussiaOpen in a New Window

Newly minted White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday that President Donald Trump still does not accept the intelligence community's conclusion that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 election.


In 2016 op-ed aimed at Trump, WH communications director wrote 'America deserves better'Open in a New Window

Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House communications director, wrote a scathing column in early 2016 aimed at then-GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, warning that the abandonment of "common decency out of primeval fear" echoed some of the worst examples of US history.


Full 'State of the Union' interview with Anthony ScaramucciOpen in a New Window

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci talks to CNN's Jake Tapper about the Trump presidency and the Russia investigation.


8 found dead in sweltering trailer in suspected human trafficking caseOpen in a New Window

Eight people were found dead in the back of a tractor-trailer parked at a Walmart lot in San Antonio, authorities said early Sunday.


Are German car companies running a cartel?Open in a New Window

Antitrust officials confirmed Saturday that they are investigating claims that the country's major carmakers may have been operating a cartel since the 1990s, colluding on everything from vehicle development and engines, to suppliers and diesel emissions systems.


Opinion: Singer's death may help male sex abuse victims speak up Open in a New Window

Many fans are shocked and heartbroken over the loss this week of Chester Bennington, the fierce lead singer for the rock band Linkin Park. Police say they are treating his death as a possible suicide, which would make the pain even harder to bear.


90 hospitalized during Chance the Rapper concert Open in a New Window

More than 90 people were hospitalized in Connecticut during a concert headlined by musician Chance the Rapper, authorities said.


Paralyzed ex-Olympian walks wife down aisleOpen in a New Window


'Wonder Woman' sequel is a goOpen in a New Window


Colorado dad arrested in connection with son's 2012 deathOpen in a New Window

The father of a missing Colorado 13-year-old was arrested Saturday in connection with the boy's 2012 death, the La Plata County Sheriff's Office said.


Berlin revelers mark legalization of same-sex marriageOpen in a New Window

Thousands of marchers flooded the streets of Berlin for the annual Christopher Street Day parade on Saturday in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.


Owner bags $1.8M with moon pouch saleOpen in a New Window

The savvy owner of Neil Armstrong's moon dust bag has made a profit of $1.8 million on the canvas pouch.


Kellyanne Conway: Russia coverage is out of whackOpen in a New Window

Kellyanne Conway tells CNN's Brian Stelter that she disagrees with the level of attention the media is giving to Russia's interference in the 2016 election.


These numbers should make Democrats uneasyOpen in a New Window

There's plenty of good news for Democrats and bad news for Donald Trump in an avalanche of new polling released this week.


Cillizza: Jeff Sessions had a totally terrible weekOpen in a New Window

Everyone knew President Donald Trump wasn't happy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to recuse himself from the FBI investigation into Russia's meddling into the 2016 election. No one -- until this week -- knew just how unhappy he was.


Congress defies Trump over Russia sanctionsOpen in a New Window

The House and Senate have struck a deal that could send a new bill to President Donald Trump's desk before the end of the month that would slap Russia with new sanctions and give Congress new veto power over easing sanctions against Moscow.


Can Trump stop Mueller?Open in a New Window

Robert Mueller's appointment as special counsel to lead the Russia probe in May caught President Donald Trump by surprise.


Starbucks customer takes on armed robberOpen in a New Window

A Starbucks customer in California tried to stop an armed robbery with a metal chair. The suspect was found bleeding nearby and was arrested.


Teens could face charges after drowningOpen in a New Window

A Florida police chief said he will recommend criminal charges be filed against five teenagers who taunted a drowning man while recording his death from afar.


Navy commissions new $13B aircraft carrier Open in a New Window

Perched 50 feet above the USS Gerald Ford's massive flight deck, Petty Officer 1st Class Jose Triana has a clear view of the horizon from his padded captain's chair in the pilot house of the world's most advanced aircraft carrier.


Here's a list NFL fans will love to argue aboutOpen in a New Window


'Stranger Things' Season 2 trailer is full of thrillsOpen in a New Window

The gang on "Stranger Things" may have rescued their friend from the Upside Down in Season 1. But the lives of the people of Hawkins, Indiana, are anything but right-side up when the new season begins.


British Open: Grace cards lowest major round everOpen in a New Window


Phelps wanted to swim cage-less with sharkOpen in a New Window


NASA's famed Apollo Mission Control Center needs your helpOpen in a New Window

The historic Apollo Mission Control Center at the Johnson Space Center in Houston -- where NASA helped put a man on the moon 50 years ago -- is in desperate need of repair after years of wear-and-tear, a nonprofit group said.


Mice caught on tape in Dallas ChipotleOpen in a New Window

After customers posted this video showing mice inside a Dallas Chipotle, the chain's stock plunged 3%.


William and Harry regret their last words with Princess DianaOpen in a New Window

Prince William and Prince Harry have spoken of their regret at the brevity of their final phone call with their mother, Princess Diana, just hours before her 1997 death in a car crash in Paris.


Prince George beaming in his new birthday photoOpen in a New Window

You have to admit: Prince George is one cute 4-year-old.


Holding the Queen's elbow: A royal blunderOpen in a New Window

The Governor General of Canada broke with protocol when he held Queen Elizabeth II's arm during a visit to Canada House in London.


Prince George not in a good mood getting off the planeOpen in a New Window

Britain's Prince William and his royal family are touring Poland and Germany, but Prince George was reluctant to get off of the plane in Warsaw.


Life of Princess Diana- 20 years after her deathOpen in a New Window


How Amsterdam cleaned up its sleazy centerOpen in a New Window

It was raw and in-your-face, sleazy yet seductive, but Amsterdam's famous Red Light District has been cleaned up and a new character is emerging.


The airline industry's huge waste problemOpen in a New Window

Every day, Emirates' airline catering facility prepares 180,000 meals to service its more than 400 daily flights around the globe. The Emirates facility is one of the world's biggest airline food factories, but there are similar operations across the world.


The week in 23 photosOpen in a New Window

Take a look at 23 photos of the week from July 14 through July 20.


Spicer on 'SNL': A lot of it was over the lineOpen in a New Window

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer discusses Melissa McCarthy's imitation of him on "Saturday Night Live."


Why you should see 'Dunkirk' in 70mmOpen in a New Window


Sign up for our newsletter!Open in a New Window


How to invest in stocksOpen in a New Window


Making money and doing goodOpen in a New Window


Steve Jobs' life is now an operaOpen in a New Window

"The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs" is set to open on Saturday night at the Santa Fe Opera, home to the largest summer-opera festival in U.S.


Trump just gave Russia a 'beautiful' giftOpen in a New Window


Linkin Park death shows dark side of creativityOpen in a New Window


Eric Holder: This is how you fix a broken Congress Open in a New Window


What Brazil could teach US about ZikaOpen in a New Window


Where did the antimatter go? Open in a New Window


Why cancer is not a war, fight, or battleOpen in a New Window


Brilliant tip to pay off your home at a furious paceOpen in a New Window


Getting ready to sell? Find out what your home is worth nowOpen in a New Window


3 cards charging 0% interest until 2019Open in a New Window


Sean Spicer's very short term, rankedOpen in a New Window

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced his resignation after 182 days on the job, marking the end of a tumultuous and combative run -- as well as one of the shortest tenures in the position's history.


Scaramucci: Trump unsure of Russia meddlingOpen in a New Window

CNN's Jake Tapper presses White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci about a source that still doubts Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.


Mueller asks WH to preserve info related to Russia meetingOpen in a New Window

Special counsel Robert Mueller has asked the White House to preserve all documents relating to the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort had with a Russian lawyer and others, according to a source who has seen the letter.


Scaramucci accepts communications director jobOpen in a New Window

President Donald Trump offered the job of White House communications director to Anthony Scaramucci on Friday morning, according to a senior administration official, a White House official and a source with knowledge. Scaramucci accepted.


Sanders' Iowa roots continue to bloomOpen in a New Window

Sen. Bernie Sanders is likely years away from deciding whether he'll run for president again in 2020, when he'd be 79 years old on Election Day.


Her cancer diagnosis didn't surprise her -- her genetic test didOpen in a New Window


Foods that can help weight lossOpen in a New Window

Whether it's turning to supplements, juices or new challenging workouts, it seems everyone is looking for the magic weight loss bullet. But sometimes, losing weight may just be a matter of tweaking your diet -- and eating foods that work for you, not against you.


Deadly salmonella outbreak linked to papayasOpen in a New Window

Forty-seven people in 12 states have become infected with salmonella believed to be linked to yellow Maradol papayas, federal health officials said Friday.


'The Walking Dead' new trailer reveals older Rick GrimesOpen in a New Window

The producers of "The Walking Dead" began their panel at San Diego Comic-Con on a somber note on Friday by paying tribute to the stuntman who died last week on the show's set.


'Valerian' makes early bid for worst movie of the yearOpen in a New Window

Director Luc Besson's comic adaptation starring Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne an early candidate for worst movie of the year


Will Smith says 'Star Wars' was better than sexOpen in a New Window

Will Smith's love for science fiction started at a young age.


Jason Bateman's 'Ozark' is worth a Netflix bingeOpen in a New Window

Jason Bateman wears multiple hats as producer, director and star in "Ozark," a grim Netflix drama that starts with a familiar premise.


7 rooftop bars for the total solar eclipseOpen in a New Window


Instant vacation: 58 awesome photosOpen in a New Window


Club-hopping where blues music got 'dirty'Open in a New Window


The world's 25 greatest modern buildingsOpen in a New Window


We're a long way from a real impeachment effortOpen in a New Window

An empowered special counsel. A White House consumed by scandal and on its heels. You don't have to make too big a leap to get from Donald Trump's White House of today to Bill Clinton's White House of the 1990s.


When Clinton admitted to the Lewinsky affairOpen in a New Window

In front of a national TV audience in 1998, then-President Bill Clinton admitted to his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Tune in to "The Nineties" on CNN Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


90 moments from the '90sOpen in a New Window

With presidential impeachment hearings, O.J. Simpson's murder trial and the golden age of TV sitcoms, the last 10 years of the 20th century were an unforgettable time for those who lived through them. The '90s were a time of peace and prosperity for many Americans, but the "last great decade" also saw the rise of terrorism, genocides and famine in parts of the globe. Here are 90 moments that defined the decade, and in many cases, shaped the world we live in today.


Backstreet Boys talk life before InternetOpen in a New Window

The Backstreet Boys recount some of their biggest memories from the decade. "The Nineties" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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