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Radiation Research August 2013 Table of Contents
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Radiation Research August Issue: Table of Contents

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Comparison of Established and Emerging Biodosimetry Assays K. Rothkamm, C. Beinke, H. Romm, C. Badie, Y. Balagurunathan, S. Barnard, N. Bernard, H. Boulay-Greene, M. Brengues, A. De Amicis, S. De Sanctis, R. Greither, F. Herodin, A. Jones, S. Kabacik, T. Knie, U. Kulka, F. Lista,
P. Martigne, A. Missel, J. Moquet, U. Oestreicher, A.
Peinnequin, T. Poyot, U. Roessler, H. Scherthan, B. Terbrueggen, H. Thierens, M. Valente, A. Vral, F. Zenhausern, V. Meineke, H.
Braselmann, and M. Abend (pages 111-119)

Laboratory Intercomparison of the Cytokinesis-Block Micronucleus Assay H. Romm, S. Barnard, H. Boulay-Greene, A. De Amicis, S. De Sanctis, M. Franco, F. Herodin, A. Jones, U. Kulka, F. Lista, P. Martigne, J. Moquet, U. Oestreicher, K. Rothkamm, H. Thierens, M. Valente, V. Vandersickel, A. Vral,
H. Braselmann, V. Meineke, M. Abend, and C. Beinke (pages 120-128)

Laboratory Intercomparison of the Dicentric Chromosome Analysis Assay C. Beinke, S. Barnard, H. Boulay-Greene,
A. De Amicis, S. De Sanctis, F. Herodin, A. Jones, U. Kulka,
F. Lista, D. Lloyd, P. Martigne, J. Moquet, U. Oestreicher,
H. Romm, K. Rothkamm, M. Valente, V. Meineke, H. Braselmann, and M. Abend (pages 129-137)

Laboratory Intercomparison of Gene Expression Assays C. Badie, S. Kabacik, Y. Balagurunathan, N. Bernard,
M. Brengues, G. Faggioni, R. Greither, F. Lista, A. Peinnequin,
T. Poyot, F. Herodin, A. Missel, B. Terbrueggen, F. Zenhausern, K. Rothkamm, V. Meineke, H. Braselmann, C. Beinke, and
M. Abend
(pages 138-148)

Laboratory Intercomparison on the γ-H2AX Foci Assay K. Rothkamm, S. Horn, H. Scherthan, U. Rößler,
A. De Amicis, S. Barnard, Ulrike Kulka, F. Lista, V. Meineke,
H. Braselmann, C. Beinke, and M. Abend (pages 149-155)

Low-Dose Radiation-Induced Enhancement of Thymic Lymphomagenesis in Lck-Bax Mice is Dependent on LET and Gender James A. Jacobus, Chester G. Duda, Mitchell C. Coleman, Sean M. Martin, Kranti Mapuskar, Gaowei Mao, Brian J. Smith, Nukhet Aykin-Burns, Peter Guida, David Gius, Frederick E. Domann, C. Michael Knudson, and Douglas R. Spitz (pages 156-165)

Effects of Solar Particle Event Proton Radiation on Parameters Related to Ferret Emesis J. K. Sanzari, X. S. Wan, G. S. Krigsfeld, G. L. King, A. Miller, R. Mick, D. S. Gridley, A. J. Wroe, S. Rightnar, D. Dolney, and A. R. Kennedy (pages 166-176)

Kinetics of Neutrophils in Mice Exposed to Radiation and/or Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Treatment A. L. Romero-Weaver, X. S. Wan, E. S. Diffenderfer, L. Lin, and A. R. Kennedy (pages 177-188)

Conditional Radioresistance of tet-Inducible Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Lines Michael W. Epperly, J. Richard Chaillet, Ronny Kalash, Ben Shaffer, Julie Goff, Darcy Franicola, Xichen Zhang, Tracy Dixon, Frank Houghton, Hong Wang, Hebist Berhane, Cynthia Romero, Jee-Hong Kim, and Joel S. Greenberger (pages 189-204)

Quercetin Inhibits Radiation-Induced Skin Fibrosis
Jason A. Horton, Fei Li, Eun Joo Chung, Kathryn Hudak, Ayla White, Kristopher Krausz, Frank Gonzalez, and Deborah Citrin (pages 205-215)

Do Variations in Mast Cell Hyperplasia Account for Differences in Radiation-Induced Lung Injury among Different Mouse Strains, Rats and Nonhuman Primates? Julian D. Down, Meetha Medhora, Isabel L. Jackson, J. Mark Cline, and Zeljko Vujaskovic (pages 216-221)
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