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December 2014 Table of Contents
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Radiation Research December Table of Contents


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Accounting for Neutron Exposure in the Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivors
Harry M. Cullings, Donald A. Pierce, and Albrecht M. Kellerer (pages 587-598)

Long-Term Effects of the Rain Exposure Shortly after the Atomic Bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Ritsu Sakata, Eric J. Grant, Kyoji Furukawa, Munechika Misumi, Harry Cullings, Kotaro Ozasa, and Roy E. Shore (pages 599-606)

Impact of IUdR on Rat 9L Glioma Cell Survival for 25–35 keV Photon-Activated Auger Electron Therapy Diane Alvarez, Kenneth R. Hogstrom, Thomas A. D. Brown, Kenneth L. Matthews II, Joseph P. Dugas, Kyungmin Ham, and Marie E. Varnes (pages 607-614)

Ionizing Radiation Sensitizes Breast Cancer Cells to Bcl-2 Inhibitor, ABT-737, through Regulating Mcl-1 Hao Wu, Devora S. Schiff, Yong Lin, Hanmanth J. R. Neboori, Sharad Goyal, Zhaohui Feng, and Bruce G. Haffty (pages 618-625)

In Vitro Study of Genes and Molecular Pathways Differentially Regulated by Synchrotron Microbeam Radiotherapy Yuqing Yang, Jeffrey C. Crosbie, Premila Paiva, Mohammad Ibahim, Andrew Stevenson, and Peter A. W. Rogers (pages 626-639)

Radiation Combined Injury Models to Study the Effects of Interventions and Wound Biomechanics Janice A. Zawaski, Charles R. Yates, Duane D. Miller, Caterina C. Kaffes, Omaima M. Sabek, Solmaz F. Afshar, Daniel A. Young, Yunzhi Yang, and M. Waleed Gaber (pages 640-652)

Radiation-Induced Alterations in Synaptic Neurotransmission of Dentate Granule Cells Depend on the Dose and Species of Charged Particles V. N. Marty, R. Vlkolinsky, N. Minassian, T. Cohen, G. A. Nelson, and I. Spigelman (pages 653-665)

Protective Effects of Kojic Acid on the Periphery Blood and Survival of Beagle Dogs after Exposure to a Lethal Dose of Gamma Radiation Kai Wang, Peng-Fei Li, Chun-Guang Han, Li Du, Chao Liu, Ming Hu, Shi-Jie Lian, and Yong-Xue Liu (pages 666-673)

TLR4-Dependent Immune Response Promotes Radiation-Induced Liver Disease by Changing the Liver Tissue Interstitial Microenvironment during Liver Cancer Radiotherapy Wu Zhi-Feng, Zhou Le-Yuan, Zhou Xiao-Hui, Gao Ya-Bo, Zhang Jian-Ying, Hu Yong, and Zeng Zhao-Chong (pages 674-682)

Age-Dependent Changes in DNA Repair in Radiation-Exposed Mice Igor P. Kovalchuk, Andrey Golubov, Igor V. Koturbash, Kristy Kutanzi, Olga A. Martin, and Olga Kovalchuk (pages 683-694)

Modeling the Radiolysis of Supercritical Water by Fast Neutrons: Density Dependence of the Yields of Primary Species at 400°C Sofia Loren Butarbutar, Jintana Meesungnoen, David A. Guzonas, Craig R. Stuart, and Jean-Paul Jay-Gerin (pages 695-704)

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