Radiation Research Editorial Board


Marc Mendonca, Indiana Univ School of Medicine

975 West Walnut St. IB-346
Radiation and Cancer Biology Labs
Indianapolis, IN 46202

United States

Office Phone: (317) 278-0404
Office Fax: (317) 278-0405

Email: mmendonc@iupui.edu


Managing Editor and Journal Office

Judy Fye, Indiana Univ School of Medicine

Department of Radiation Oncology
535 Barnhill Drive, RT 041
Indianapolis, IN 46202
United States

E-mail: jfye@iupui.edu
Office Phone: (317) 944 1308
radiatres.allentrack.net (manuscript submission site)


Senior Editors

John D. Boice
National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements 

Martin Hauer-Jensen
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences  

Kathryn D. Held
Massachusetts General

Bruce Kimler
University of Kansas Medical Center 

Amy Kronenberg
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Howard L. Liber
Colorado State University

John E. Moulder
Medical College of Wisconsin

Peter O'Neill
Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, United Kingdom

Sara Rockwell
Yale University School
of Medicine

Associate Editors

Munjal M. Acharya

University of California, Irvine

Mansoor Ahmed

Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis - National Cancer Institute

G-One Ahn
Pohong University of Science and Technology, Korea

Sally A. Amundson

Columbia University

Susan M. Bailey
Colorado State University

Richard A. Britten
Eastern Virginia Medical School

Jean Cadet
University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada

Sylvain V. Costes
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Sandra Demaria
New York University

Andrea DiCarlo-Cohen
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Michael Dingfelder
East Carolina University

Joseph R. Dynlacht
Indiana University School
of Medicine

Chandan Guha
Albert Einstein School of Medicine

Christina K. Haston
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Colin Hill
USC School
of Medicine

Fiorenza Ianzini
University of Iowa

Ann R. Kennedy
University of Pennsylvania

Jay A. Laverne
of Notre Dame

Jian Jian Li
University of California, Davis

Howard B. Lieberman
Columbia University

Charles L. Limoli
University of California, Irvine

Mohan Natarajan
University of Texas Health Science Center

Brian Ponnaiya
Columbia University

Jacob Raber
Oregon Health & Science University

C├ęcile M. Ronckers
Emma Children's Hospital, Amsterdam

Mary K. Schubauer-Berigan
NIOSH - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Douglas R. Spitz
University of Iowa

Keiji Suzuki
Nagasaki University
, Japan

Pamela Sykes
Flinders University
, Australia

Radia Tamarat

Catharine M.L. West
University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Claudia Wiese
Colorado State University

Fen Xia

Ohio State University Medical Center

Eddy Yang
University of Alabama at Birmingham