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January 2014 Table of Contents
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Radiation Research January Table of Contents
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Role of 53BP1 in the Regulation of DNA Double-Strand Break Repair Pathway Choice Arun Gupta, Clayton R. Hunt, Sharmistha Chakraborty, Raj K. Pandita, John Yordy, Deepti B. Ramnarain, Nobuo Horikoshi, and Tej K. Pandita (pages 1-8)

What are the Intracellular Targets and Intratissue Target Cells for Radiation Effects? Nobuyuki Hamada (pages 9-20)

Differential Expression of Homer1a in the Hippocampus and Cortex Likely Plays a Role in Radiation-Induced Brain Injury Elizabeth D. Moore, Mitra Kooshki, Kenneth T. Wheeler, Linda J. Metheny-Barlow, and Mike E. Robbins (pages 21-32)

The Peroxisomal Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR) α Agonist, Fenofibrate, Prevents Fractionated Whole-Brain Irradiation-Induced Cognitive Impairment Dana Greene-Schloesser, Valerie Payne, Ann M. Peiffer, Fang-Chi Hsu, David R. Riddle, Weiling Zhao, Michael D. Chan, Linda Metheny-Barlow, and Mike E. Robbins (pages 33-44)

Intestinal Microbiota Reduces Genotoxic Endpoints Induced By High-Energy Protons Irene Maier, David M. Berry, and Robert H. Schiestl
(pages 45-53)

Development of Urinary Biomarkers for Internal Exposure by Cesium-137 Using a Metabolomics Approach in Mice Maryam Goudarzi, Waylon Weber, Tytus D. Mak, Juijung Chung, Melanie Doyle-Eisele, Dunstana Melo, David J. Brenner, Raymond A. Guilmette, and Albert J. Fornace
(pages 54-64)

The Methylation of DNA Repeat Elements is Sex-Dependent and Temporally Different in Response to X Radiation in Radiosensitive and Radioresistant Mouse Strains Michelle R. Newman, Pamela J. Sykes, Benjamin J. Blyth, Eva Bezak, Mark D. Lawrence, Katherine L. Morel, and Rebecca J. Ormsby (pages 65-75)

Radiologic Differences between Bone Marrow Stromal and Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Lines from Fanconi Anemia (Fancd2–/–) Mice Hebist Berhane, Michael W. Epperly, Julie Goff, Ronny Kalash, Shaonan Cao, Darcy Franicola, Xichen Zhang, Donna Shields, Frank Houghton, Hong Wang, Peter Wipf, Kalindi Parmar, and Joel S. Greenberger (pages 76-89)

Redefining Relative Biological Effectiveness in the Context of the EQDX Formalism: Implications for Alpha-Particle Emitter Therapy Robert F. Hobbs, Roger W. Howell, Hong Song, Sébastien Baechler, and George Sgouros (pages 90-98)

The Relative Contributions of DNA Strand Breaks, Base Damage and Clustered Lesions to the Loss of DNA Functionality Induced by Ionizing Radiation Kouass Sahbani Saloua, Girouard Sonia, Cloutier Pierre, Sanche Léon, and Hunting J. Darel (pages 99-110)

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