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July Table of Contents Radiation Research
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Radiation Research July Issue: Table of Contents

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Mitochondrial-Targeted Human Catalase Affords Neuroprotection From Proton IrradiationAlicia C. Liao, Brianna M. Craver, Bertrand P. Tseng, Katherine K. Tran, Vipan K. Parihar, Munjal M. Acharya, and Charles L. Limoli (pages 1-6)

Acute Hematological Effects of Solar Particle Event Proton Radiation in the Porcine ModelJ. K. Sanzari, X. S. Wan, A. J. Wroe, S. Rightnar, K. A. Cengel, E. S. Diffenderfer, G. S. Krigsfeld, D. S. Gridley, and A. R. Kennedy(pages 7-16)

Increased Mutagenic Joining of Enzymatically-Induced DNA Double-Strand Breaks in High-Charge and Energy Particle Irradiated Human CellsZhentian Li, Farlyn Z. Hudson, Huichen Wang, Ya Wang, Zhuan Bian, John P. Murnane, and William S. Dynan(pages 17-24)

Biological Effectiveness of Accelerated Particles for the Induction of Chromosome Damage: Track Structure EffectsKerry A. George, Megumi Hada, Lori Chappell, and Francis A. Cucinotta (pages 25-33)

Curcumin for Radiation Dermatitis: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial of Thirty Breast Cancer PatientsJulie L. Ryan, Charles E. Heckler, Marilyn Ling, Alan Katz, Jacqueline P. Williams, Alice P. Pentland, and Gary R. Morrow (pages 34-43)

Effects of Dose-Delivery Time Structure on Biological Effectiveness for Therapeutic Carbon-Ion Beams Evaluated with Microdosimetric Kinetic Model Taku Inaniwa, Masao Suzuki, Takuji Furukawa, Yuki Kase, Nobuyuki Kanematsu, Toshiyuki Shirai, and Roland B. Hawkins
(pages 44-59)

Effects of IL-10 Haplotype and Atomic Bomb Radiation Exposure on Gastric Cancer RiskTomonori Hayashi, Reiko Ito, John Cologne, Mayumi Maki, Yukari Morishita, Hiroko Nagamura, Keiko Sasaki, Ikue Hayashi, Kazue Imai, Kengo Yoshida, Junko Kajimura, Seishi Kyoizumi, Yoichiro Kusunoki, Waka Ohishi, Saeko Fujiwara, Masazumi Akahoshi, and Kei Nakachi
(pages 60-69)

Comparative Study of Radioresistance between Feline Cells and Human CellsYoshihiro Fujii, Charles R. Yurkon, Junko Maeda, Stefan C. Genet, Nobuo Kubota, Akira Fujimori, Takashi Mori, Kohji Maruo, and Takamitsu A. Kato (pages 70-77)

Effects of Radiation Combined Injury on Hippocampal Function are Modulated in Mice Deficient in Chemokine Receptor 2 (CCR2) AntiƱo R. Allen, Kirsten Eilertson, Sourabh Sharma, Danielle Schneider, Jennifer Baure, Barrett Allen, Susanna Rosi, Jacob Raber, and John R. Fike
(pages 78-88)

Zoledronic Acid Prevents Loss of Trabecular Bone after Focal
Irradiation in Mice
Lihini Keenawinna, Megan E. Oest, Kenneth A. Mann, Joseph Spadaro, and Timothy A. Damron
(pages 89-99)

Induction and Repair of Clustered DNA Lesions: What Do We Know So Far?Alexandros G. Georgakilas, Peter O'Neill, and Robert D. Stewart (pages 100-109)

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