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March 2013 Table of Contents
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Radiation Research March Issue: Table of Contents




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The March 2013 issue of Radiation Research is now available online.


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Biological Effects of Proton Radiation: What We Know and Don't Know (pages 257-272) Swati Girdhani, Rainer Sachs, and Lynn Hlatky




Low-LET Proton Irradiation of A549 Non-small Cell Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells: Dose Response and RBE Determination (pages 273-281) Anne-Catherine Wéra, Anne-Catherine Heuskin, Hélène Riquier, Carine Michiels, and Stéphane Lucas


Gamma Irradiation and Targeted Radionuclides Enhance the Expression of the Noradrenaline Transporter Transgene Controlled by the Radio-Inducible p21WAF1/CIP1 Promoter (pages 282-292) Anthony G. McCluskey, Robert J. Mairs, Annette Sorensen, Tracy Robson, Helen O. McCarthy, Sally L. Pimlott, John W. Babich, Sue Champion, and Marie Boyd



The Genetic Risk in Mice from Radiation: An Estimate of the Mutation Induction Rate per Genome (pages 293-303) Jun-ichi Asakawa, Mieko Kodaira, Harry M. Cullings, Hiroaki Katayama, and Nori Nakamura


EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Pelitinib Regulates Radiation-Induced p65-Dependent Telomerase Activation in Squamous Cell Carcinoma (pages 304-312) Natarajan Aravindan, Sheeja Aravindan, Terence S. Herman, and Mohan Natarajan


Room Temperature Radiation Products in Trehalose Single Crystals: EMR and DFT Analysis (pages 313-322) Hendrik De Cooman, Mihaela Adeluta Tarpan, Henk Vrielinck, Michel Waroquier, and Freddy Callens


Cisplatin Enhances the Formation of DNA Single- and Double-Strand Breaks by Hydrated Electrons and Hydroxyl Radicals (pages 323-331) Mohammad Rezaee, Léon Sanche, and Darel J. Hunting


Lung Cancer Risks from Plutonium: An Updated Analysis of Data from the Mayak Worker Cohort (pages 332-342) E. S. Gilbert, M. E. Sokolnikov, D. L. Preston, S. J. Schonfeld, A. E. Schadilov, E. K. Vasilenko, and N. A. Koshurnikova


Assessment of the Changes in 9L and C6 Glioma pO2 by EPR Oximetry as a Prognostic Indicator of Differential Response to Radiotherapy (pages 343-351) Huagang Hou, Sriram P. Mupparaju, Jean P. Lariviere, Sassan Hodge, Jiang Gui, Harold M. Swartz, and Nadeem Khan


Protection against Radiation-Induced Damage of 6-Propyl-2-thiouracil (PTU) in Thyroid Cells (pages 352-360) Marina Perona, María A. Dagrosa, Romina Pagotto, Mariana Casal, Omar P. Pignataro, Mario A. Pisarev, and Guillermo J. Juvenal


The Incidence of Leukemia, Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma among Atomic Bomb Survivors: 1950-2001 (pages 361-382) Wan-Ling Hsu, Dale L. Preston, Midori Soda, Hiromi Sugiyama, Sachiyo Funamoto, Kazunori Kodama, Akiro Kimura, Nanao Kamada, Hiroo Dohy, Masao Tomonaga, Masako Iwanaga, Yasushi Miyazaki, Harry M. Cullings, Akihiko Suyama, Kotaro Ozasa, Roy E. Shore, and Kiyohiko

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