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Radiation Research Journal May Table of Contents
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Radiation Research May Issue: Table of Contents

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Issues in Low Dose Radiation Biology: The Controversy Continues. A PerspectiveWilliam F. Morgan and William J. Bair
(pages 501-510)




Comparative Analysis of Cell Killing and Autosomal Mutation in Mouse Kidney Epithelium Exposed to 1 GeV Protons In Vitro or In Vivo Amy Kronenberg, Stacey Gauny, Ely Kwoh, Gianfranco Grossi, Cristian Dan, Dmytro Grygoryev, Michael Lasarev and Mitchell S. Turker (pages 511-520)

Autosomal Mutations in Mouse Kidney Epithelial Cells Exposed to High-Energy Protons In Vivo or In Culture

Mitchell S. Turker, Dmytro Grygoryev, Cristian Dan, Bradley Eckelmann, Michael Lasarev, Stacey Gauny, Ely Kwoh and Amy Kronenberg (pages 521-529)



The Non-homologous End-Joining (NHEJ) Pathway for the Repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks: I. A Mathematical Model Reza Taleei and Hooshang Nikjoo (pages 530-539)



The Non-homologous End-Joining (NHEJ) Mathematical Model for the Repair of Double-Strand Breaks: II. Application to Damage Induced by Ultrasoft X Rays and Low-Energy ElectronsReza Taleei, Peter M. Girard, Krishnaswami Sankaranarayanan and Hooshang Nikjoo
(pages 540-548)


Selective Inhibition of Microglia-Mediated Neuroinflammation Mitigates Radiation-Induced Cognitive ImpairmentKenneth A. Jenrow, Stephen L. Brown, Karen Lapanowski, Hoda Naei, Andrew Kolozsvary and Jae Ho Kim

(pages 549-556)



Biological Dosimetry by Automated Dicentric Scoring in a Simulated EmergencyGaetan Gruel, Eric Grégoire, Sarah Lecas, Cécile Martin, Sandrine Roch-Lefevre, Aurélie Vaurijoux, Pascale Voisin, Philippe Voisin and Joan-Francesc Barquinero
(pages 557-569)


Foxp3+-Treg Cells Enhanced by Repeated Low-Dose Gamma-Irradiation Attenuate Ovalbumin-Induced Allergic Asthma in MiceBum Soo Park, Gwan Ui Hong and Jai Youl Ro
(pages 570-583)


In Situ Observation of the Effects of Local Irradiation on Cytotoxic and Regulatory T Lymphocytes in Cervical Cancer TissueShi Qinfeng, Wang Depu, Yang Xiaofeng, Walayat Shah, Chen Hongwei and Wang Yili (pages 584-589)



Early Effects of Whole-Body 56Fe Irradiation on Hippocampal Function in C57BL/6J MiceGwendolen E. Haley, Lauren Yeiser, Reid H. J. Olsen, Matthew J. Davis, Lance A. Johnson and Jacob Raber (pages 590-596)


Thyroid Dose Estimates for a Cohort of Belarusian Children Exposed to Radiation from the Chernobyl Accident

Vladimir Drozdovitch, Victor Minenko, Valeri Khrouch, Svetlana Leshcheva, Yury Gavrilin, Arkady Khrutchinsky, Tatiana Kukhta, Semion Kutsen, Nickolas Luckyanov, Sergey Shinkarev, Sergey Tretyakevich, Sergey Trofimik, Paul Voillequé and André Bouville
(pages 597-609)


A Mechanistic Model for Medulloblastoma Induction in Mice

W. F. Heidenreich, A. Saran, M. Atkinson and S. Pazzaglia
(pages 610-614)




Michael E. Robbins, Ph.D. 1954-2012

John W. Hopewell, J. Daniel Bourland, and Edward G. Shaw
(pages 615-616)

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