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May 2014 Table of Contents
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Radiation Research May Table of Contents
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Inhibiting Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 Mitigates the Hematopoietic Acute Radiation Syndrome in Mice Chang-Lung Lee, William E. Lento, Katherine D. Castle, Nelson J. Chao, and David G. Kirsch (pages 445-451)

Autosomal Mutants of Proton-Exposed Kidney Cells Display Frequent Loss of Heterozygosity on Nonselected Chromosomes Dmytro Grygoryev, Cristian Dan, Stacey Gauny, Bradley Eckelmann, Anna P. Ohlrich, Marissa Connolly, Michael Lasarev, Gianfranco Grossi, Amy Kronenberg, and Mitchell S. Turker (pages 452-463)

Metformin Exhibits Radiation Countermeasures Efficacy When Used Alone or in Combination with Sulfhydryl Containing Drugs
Richard C. Miller, Jeffrey S. Murley, and David J. Grdina (pages 464-470)

Military Participants at U.S. Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing—Methodology for Estimating Dose and Uncertainty John E. Till, Harold L. Beck, Jill W. Aanenson, Helen A. Grogan, H. Justin Mohler, S. Shawn Mohler, and Paul G. Voillequé (pages 471-484)

Modeling Cell Survival after Irradiation with Ultrasoft X Rays using the Giant Loop Binary Lesion Model Thomas Friedrich, Marco Durante, and Michael Scholz (pages 485-494)

Effect of Temperature on the Low-Linear Energy Transfer Radiolysis of the Ceric-Cerous Sulfate Dosimeter: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study
Leila Mirsaleh Kohan, Jintana Meesungnoen, Sunuchakan Sanguanmith, Ridthee Meesat, and Jean-Paul Jay-Gerin (pages 495-502)

Lithium Formate for EPR Dosimetry: Radiation-Induced Radical Trapping at Low Temperatures André Krivokapić, Siv G. Aalbergsjø, Hendrik De Cooman, Eli Olaug Hole, William H. Nelson, and Einar Sagstuen (pages 503-511)

Topical Application of the Synthetic Triterpenoid RTA 408 Protects Mice from Radiation-Induced Dermatitis Scott A. Reisman, Chun-Yue I. Lee, Colin J. Meyer, Joel W. Proksch, Stephen T. Sonis, and Keith W. Ward (pages 512-520)

The Human Salivary Proteome is Radiation Responsive Heather D. Moore, Richard G. Ivey, Uliana J. Voytovich, Chenwei Lin, Derek L. Stirewalt, Era L. Pogosova-Agadjanyan, and Amanda G. Paulovich (pages 521-530)

Skin Cancer Incidence among Atomic Bomb Survivors from 1958 to 1996 Hiromi Sugiyama, Munechika Misumi, Masao Kishikawa, Masachika Iseki, Shuji Yonehara, Tomayoshi Hayashi, Midori Soda, Shoji Tokuoka, Yukiko Shimizu, Ritsu Sakata, Eric J. Grant, Fumiyoshi Kasagi, Kiyohiko Mabuchi, Akihiko Suyama, and Kotaro Ozasa (pages 531-539)

Crosstalk with Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Increases the Growth and Radiation Survival of Cervical Cancer Cells Tang-Yuan Chu, June-Ting Yang, Tien-Hung Huang, and Hwan-Wun Liu (pages 540-547)

Repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks is Not Modulated by Low-Dose Gamma Radiation in C57BL/6J Mice Melinda S. J. Blimkie, Luke C. W. Fung, Eugenia S. Petoukhov, Cyrielle Girard, and Dmitry Klokov (pages 548-559)

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