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Radiation Research November 2013 Table of Contents
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Radiation Research November Table of Contents
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The November 2013 issue of Radiation Research is now available online.


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Measurements of Individual Radiation Doses in Residents Living Around the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Shigenobu Nagataki, Noboru Takamura, Kenji Kamiya, and Makoto Akashi (pages 439-447)


Early Tumor Development Captured Through Nondestructive, High Resolution Differential Phase Contrast X-ray Imaging A. Beheshti, B. R. Pinzer, J. T. McDonald, M. Stampanoni, and L. Hlatky (pages 448-454)


Divergent Modification of Low-Dose 56Fe-Particle and Proton Radiation on Skeletal Muscle
Alexander Shtifman, Matthew J. Pezone, Sharath P. Sasi, Akhil Agarwal, Hannah Gee, Jin Song, Aleksandr Perepletchikov, Xinhua Yan, Raj Kishore, and David A. Goukassian (pages 455-464)



Chromosomal Radiosensitivity Analyzed by FISH in Lymphocytes of Prostate Cancer Patients and Healthy Donors Sabine Schmitz, Kinga Brzozowska, Michael Pinkawa, Michael Eble, and Ralf Kriehuber (pages 465-473)


Amelioration of Radiation-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis by a Water-Soluble Bifunctional Sulfoxide Radiation Mitigator (MMS350)
Ronny Kalash, Michael W. Epperly, Julie Goff, Tracy Dixon, Melissa M. Sprachman, Xichen Zhang, Donna Shields, Shaonan Cao, Darcy Franicola, Peter Wipf, Hebist Berhane, Hong Wang, Jeremiah Au, and Joel S. Greenberger (pages 474-490)



Low-Dose Hypersensitivity and Bystander Effect are Not Mutually Exclusive in A549 Lung Carcinoma Cells after Irradiation with Charged Particles
Anne-Catherine Heuskin, Anne-Catherine Wéra, Hélène Riquier, Carine Michiels, and Stephane Lucas
(pages 491-498)

Inelastic Cross Sections for Low-Energy Electrons in Liquid Water: Exchange and Correlation EffectsDimitris Emfietzoglou, Ioanna Kyriakou, Rafael Garcia-Molina, Isabel Abril, and Hooshang Nikjoo (pages 499-513)

OH Radicals from the Indirect Actions of X-Rays Induce Cell Lethality and Mediate the Majority of the Oxygen Enhancement EffectRyoichi Hirayama, Atsushi Ito, Miho Noguchi, Yoshitaka Matsumoto, Akiko Uzawa, Gen Kobashi, Ryuichi Okayasu, and Yoshiya Furusawa (pages 514-523)

A DNA Double-Strand Break Kinetic Rejoining Model Based on the Local Effect ModelF. Tommasino, T. Friedrich, U. Scholz, G. Taucher-Scholz, M. Durante, and M. Scholz (pages 524-538)

Radiation Exposure and the Risk of Mortality from Noncancer Respiratory Diseases in the Life Span Study, 1950-2005Truong-Minh Pham, Ritsu Sakata, Eric J. Grant, Yukiko Shimizu, Kyoji Furukawa, Ikuno Takahashi, Hiromi Sugiyama, Fumiyoshi Kasagi, Midori Soda, Akihiko Suyama, Roy E. Shore, and Kotaro Ozasa (pages 539-545)

Enalapril Mitigates Radiation-Induced Pneumonitis and Pulmonary Fibrosis if Started 35 Days after Whole-Thorax IrradiationFeng Gao, Brian L. Fish, John E. Moulder, Elizabeth R. Jacobs, and Meetha Medhora (pages 546-552)

David E. Charlton (1936-2013)John L. Humm and Hooshang Nikjoo (pages 553-555)

Howard S. Ducoff, Ph.D. 1923-2012Eleanor A. Blakely, William F. Blakely, and Bobby R. Scott (pages 556-557)
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