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Radiation Research October 2013 Table of Contents
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Radiation Research October Table of Contents
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The Changing Landscape of Scholarly Publishing: Will Radiation Research Survive? Jere Odell and Elizabeth C. Whipple
(pages 335-339)


Spaceflight Environment Induces Mitochondrial Oxidative Damage in Ocular Tissue
Xiao W. Mao, Michael J. Pecaut, Louis S. Stodieck, Virginia L. Ferguson, Ted A. Bateman, Mary Bouxsein, Tamako A. Jones, Maria Moldovan, Christopher E. Cunningham, Jenny Chieu, and Daila S. Gridley (pages 235-246)

Detection of DNA Strand Breaks in Gamma-Irradiated Lymphocytes Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Xiao-hong Zhang, Zhi-chao Lou, Ai-lian Wang, and Hai-qian Zhang (pages 351-359)

Changes of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species and Mitochondrial Functioning in Human K562 and HL60 Cells Exposed to Ionizing Radiation Yuriy Saenko, Artur Cieslar-Pobuda, Magdalena Skonieczna, and Joanna Rzeszowska-Wolny (pages 360-366)

Gap Junction Communication and the Propagation of Bystander Effects Induced by Microbeam Irradiation in Human Fibroblast Cultures: The Impact of Radiation Quality Narongchai Autsavapromporn, Masao Suzuki, Tomoo Funayama, Noriko Usami, Ianik Plante, Yuichiro Yokota, Yasuko Mutou, Hiroko Ikeda, Katsumi Kobayashi, Yasuhiko Kobayashi, Yukio Uchihori, Tom K. Hei, Edouard I. Azzam, and Takeshi Murakami (pages 367-375)

Lack of High-Dose Radiation Mediated Prostate Cancer Promotion and Low-Dose Radiation Adaptive Response in the TRAMP Mouse Model M. D. Lawrence, R. J. Ormsby, B. J. Blyth, E. Bezak, G. England, M. R. Newman, W. D. Tilley, and P. J. Sykes (pages 376-388)

Radiation Enhances the Invasiveness of Irradiated and Nonirradiated Bystander Hepatoma Cells Through a VEGF-MMP2 Pathway Initiated by p53 Mingyuan He, Chen Dong, Ruiping Ren, Dexiao Yuan, Yuexia Xie, Yan Pan, and Chunlin Shao (pages 389-397)

Thermal Injury Lowers the Threshold for Radiation-Induced Neuroinflammation and Cognitive Dysfunction Jonathan D. Cherry, Jacqueline P. Williams, M. Kerry O'Banion, and John A. Olschowka (pages 398-406)

The Murine Common Deletion: Mitochondrial DNA 3,860-bp Deletion after Irradiation Steven B. Zhang, David Maguire, Mei Zhang, Zhenhuan Zhang, Amy Zhang, Liangjie Yin, Lurong Zhang, Luquiang Huang, Sadasivan Vidyasagar, Steven Swarts, and Paul Okunieff (pages 407-413)

EGFR-Inhibition Enhances Apoptosis in Irradiated Human Head and Neck Xenograft Tumors Independent of Effects on DNA Repair
H. Stegeman, P. N. Span, S. C. Cockx, J. P. W. Peters, P. F. J. W. Rijken, A. J. van der Kogel, J. H. A. M. Kaanders, and J. Bussink (pages 414-421)

Glaucoma in Atomic Bomb Survivors Yoshiaki Kiuchi, Tomoko Yokoyama, Michiya Takamatsu, Eiko Tsuiki, Masafumi Uematsu, Hirofumi Kinoshita, Takeshi Kumagami, Takashi Kitaoka, Atsushi Minamoto, Kazuo Neriishi, Eiji Nakashima, Ravindra Khattree, Ayumi Hida, Saeko Fujiwara, and Masazumi Akahoshi (pages 422-430)





Luis Felipe Fajardo L-G, MD, 1927-2013 Martin Hauer-Jensen (pages 431-432)

Kie Kian Ang, M.D. Ph.D., 1950-2013 Ritsuko Komaki and James D. Cox (pages 433-435)


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