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October 2014 Table of Contents
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Radiation Research October Table of Contents


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The Autophagic Response to Radiation: Relevance for Radiation Sensitization in Cancer Therapy David A. Gewirtz (pages 363-367)

Induction of Chromosomal Aberrations at Fluences of Less Than One HZE Particle per Cell Nucleus Megumi Hada, Lori J. Chappell, Minli Wang, Kerry A. George, and Francis A. Cucinotta (pages 368-379)

Gene Expression Response of Mice after a Single Dose of 137Cs as an Internal Emitter Sunirmal Paul, Shanaz A. Ghandhi, Waylon Weber, Melanie Doyle-Eisele, Dunstana Melo, Raymond Guilmette, and Sally A. Amundson (pages 380-389)

Radiation Quality and Mutagenesis in Human Lymphoblastoid Cells
Howard L. Liber, Rupa Idate, Christy Warner, and Susan M. Bailey (pages 390-395)

Description and Verification of an Algorithm for Obtaining Microdosimetric Quantities for High-LET Radiation Using a Single TEPC without Pulse Height Analysis Thomas B. Borak and Phillip L. Chapman (pages 396-407)

Heterochromatin Domain Number Correlates with X-Ray and Carbon-Ion Radiation Resistance in Cancer Cells Katsutoshi Sato, Takashi Imai, Ryuichi Okayasu, and Takashi Shimokawa (pages 408-419)

Forkhead Box M1 Regulates Quiescence-Associated Radioresistance of Human Head and Neck Squamous Carcinoma Cells Jaimee C. Eckers, Amanda L. Kalen, Ehab H. Sarsour, Van S. Tompkins, Siegfried Janz, Jyung Mean Son, Claire M. Doskey, Garry R. Buettner, and Prabhat C. Goswami (pages 420-429)

Mutagenic Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Immature Rat Oocytes
Jun-ichi Asakawa, Yujiroh Kamiguchi, Kenji Kamiya, and Nori Nakamura (pages 430-434)

Effects of Early-Onset Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure (GSM 900 MHz) on Behavior and Memory in Rats Melanie Klose, Karen Grote, Oliver Spathmann, Joachim Streckert, Markus Clemens, Volkert W. Hansen, and Alexander Lerchl (pages 435-447)

Potentially Lethal Damage Repair in Drug Arrested G2-Phase Cells after Radiation Exposure Junko Maeda, Justin J. Bell, Stefan C. Genet, Yoshihiro Fujii, Matthew D. Genet, Colleen A. Brents, Paula C. Genik, and Takamitsu A. Kato (pages 448-457)


Heavier Ions with a Different Linear Energy Transfer Spectrum Kill More Cells Due to Similar Interference with the Ku-Dependent DNA Repair Pathway
Hongyan Wang and Ya Wang (pages 458-461)


Radiation Research Oct 2014, Vol. 182, No. 4: e45-e45
Radiation Research Oct 2014, Vol. 182, No. 4: e46-e46
Radiation Research Oct 2014, Vol. 182, No. 4: e47-e48

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