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Radiation Research Society Bylaws
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ARTICLE I - Membership

1. Application for membership shall include at least the following information: name, educational and training history, institutional affiliations, and publication record. The name of at least one sponsoring member of the Society is required.
2. The Council shall establish a Membership Committee each year from its membership. Applications for membership and supporting documents shall be sent to the Membership Committee Chair, or another delegated
member of the Membership Committee, for review and disposition.
3. The Secretary-Treasurer shall inform the applicants of decisions on membership and grade of membership in the Society. Election of an applicant to a grade of membership becomes effective at the time of notification to the applicant by the Secretary-Treasurer.
4. The name, address, and affiliation of each member of the Society shall be included in the online directory of the Society, to which only members will have access.



1. Any member in arrears for one year shall cease to be a member of the Society.
2. Delinquent members shall not be permitted to vote or be allowed to register for the Annual Meeting at member rates until indebtedness to the Society is liquidated. Online member access to the journal shall be withheld from any member in arrears for three months.
3. Delinquent members may be reinstated by the Council provided indebtedness to the Society for the ongoing/current fiscal year is liquidated.
4. The fiscal year of the Society shall correspond to the calendar year.

5. New members who join within the first 6 months of the fiscal year shall be required to pay full annual dues. However, between months 6 and 9, only 50% of the annual dues shall be required, and 0% in the final quarter. Such a prorating shall not apply to current or former members.


ARTICLE III - Meetings
1. The Council shall determine the number, times, and places of the regular meetings of the Society to be held each year.
2. One of these meetings shall be designated the Annual Meeting. At this meeting there shall be a Business Meeting designated for reports of officers, for report of the election of officers, and other items of business.
3. At least four weeks before a regular meeting, the Secretary-Treasurer shall notify each member of the time and place of such meeting.

4. Special meetings can be called by the President with the approval of the Council.


ARTICLE IV - Meetings of the Council
1. There shall be at least two meetings of the Council in each year, at the time of the Annual Meeting before and after the new Officers and Councilors are installed.
2. The President shall convoke the Council in special meetings whenever the affairs of the Society require it.

3. A request to the President made by five Members of the Council shall render the convocation of the Council obligatory


ARTICLE V - Scientific Sessions

The Council shall determine rules relative to the conduct of scientific sessions and presentation of scientific papers at all meetings.


ARTICLE VI - Amendments

An amendment to the By-Laws must be proposed by at least five members in good standing, and must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Society at least one month before the Annual Meeting at which the amendment is to be acted on. The Secretary-Treasurer shall distribute the proposed amendment to the Members of the Society at least three weeks before the Annual Meeting of the Society. It shall be voted on at an executive session of the meeting, and an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all Members voting shall be necessary for its passage. Modifications take effect immediately upon approval.


ARTICLE VII - General Prohibitions
Notwithstanding any provision of the Constitution or By -Laws which might be susceptible to a contrary construction:
1. The Society shall be organized exclusively for the purposes of: (a) Promoting original research in the natural sciences relating to radiation; (b) Facilitating integration of different fields/disciplines in the study of radiation effects; (c) Promoting the diffusion of knowledge in these fields.
2. The Society shall be operated exclusively for those purposes immediately preceding, Section (1).
3. The Society shall have no stockholders, and no part of its net earnings shall ever inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual.


ARTICLE VIII - Distribution on Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the Radiation Research Society, the Council shall distribute the assets and accrued income to one or more organizations as determined by the Council, but which organization shall meet the limitations prescribed in Sections (1) to (3) inclusive, of Article VII immediately preceding.
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