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General Information and Objectives
The Radiation Research Society's objectives are threefold:To encourage in the broadest manner the advancement of radiation research in all areas of the natural sciences;To facilitate cooperative research between the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine in the study of the properties and effects of radiation;To promote dissemination of knowledge in these and related fields through publications, meetings and educational symposia.   Meetings
The Society holds an annual meeting that features both contributed and invited papers from all fields of radiation research, particularly physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. The presentations include award and invited lectures, invited symposia devoted to specific topics of current interest, refresher courses and workshops. Poster presentations complementary to the oral sessions provide a more informal opportunity for communication between the attendees. Approximately 1000 members of the society typically attend each Annual Meeting.As well as the Annual Meeting. RRS supports the planning and organization of the International Congress of Radiation Research. These Congresses occur every four years. Past meetings have been held in Burlington, Vermont (1958); Harrogate, England (1962); Cortina, Italy (1966); Evian, France (1970); Seattle, Washington (1974); Tokyo, Japan (1979); Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1983); Edinburgh, Scotland (1987); Toronto, Canada (1991); Würzburg, Germany (1995); Dublin, Ireland (1999), Brisbane, Australia (2003); and San Francisco, California (2007).   Official Publications
Radiation Research is the official publication of the society. This journal publishes each month original articles in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine dealing with radiation effects and related subjects. The term radiation is used in its broadest sense and includes ultraviolet, infrared and visible light as well as ionizing radiation. Effects may be physical, chemical or biological. Related subjects include methods of dosimetry and instrumentation, isotope techniques and the action of chemical modifiers contributing to the study of radiation effects.The Radiation Research Society distributes a newsletter, rrsNEWS , to members several times a year. Committee reports, announcements, details on national and international meetings, and other matters of interest to the members are contained in each issue.The Membership Directory is available online to all members. Correspondence relative to the directory should be directed to the Society office.   Membership of the Radiation Research Society

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On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted. And tweeted. And tweeted.


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They're an English teacher's nightmare: full of misspellings, typographical and grammatical errors, strange or missing punctuation. Read carefully, they often make no sense. They are full of Weird Capitalizations AND WHY IS HE ALWAYS SHOUTING?


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Stacey Abrams is one win away from making history after her huge Democratic primary victory in the Georgia governor's race on Tuesday night. If she wins in November, Abrams would be the first African-American woman elected as a governor.


Texas Democrat could be state's first lesbian Latina governorOpen in a New Window

Former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez won her runoff and became the Democratic nominee for Texas governor Tuesday night, making her the first openly lesbian and Latina nominee to win a major party gubernatorial nomination in the state.


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Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon explains why he thinks Martin Luther King Jr. would be "proud of" President Donald Trump in an interview with BBC Newsnight.


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Kushner's security clearance is restoredOpen in a New Window

President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, had his White House security clearance restored Wednesday, a person familiar with the matter said, after months of uncertainty stemming in part from his role in the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.


Democrat parodies controversial GOP adOpen in a New Window

Josh McCall, a Georgia Democrat running for U.S. Congress, took a jab at Republican Brian Kemp, a gubernatorial hopeful from Georgia, in a new political ad.


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The US has withdrawn an invitation to China to participate in what has been described as the world's largest international maritime warfare exercise, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.


NFL: Players must stand for anthem or stay in the locker roomOpen in a New Window

The NFL can fine a team whose player protests on the sidelines during the National Anthem, NFL team owners decided Wednesday in Atlanta, a reaction to fierce backlash against some who took a knee in symbolic opposition to systemic oppression of people of color, including by police.


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Crack appears ready to swallow Big Island homeOpen in a New Window


Opinion: What the cataclysmic lava flow is telling usOpen in a New Window

Lava exploding as it pours into the sea. Cars engulfed in a molten torrent. Steam billowing, cloud-like, as inner Earth meets ocean.


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"You might want to step back," said Darryl Clinton as yet another explosion boomed nearby.


Video shows time-lapse from the skies above Hawaii's volcanoOpen in a New Window

A camera at the Gemini Observatory monitored the sky conditions over the course of one night above the Kīlauea volcanic eruption.


Missing CDC worker's death ruled suicideOpen in a New Window

The CDC worker who was missing for nearly two months before his body was found in a river in Atlanta died of suicide by drowning, the Fulton County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Gorniak told CNN Wednesday.


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A 30-year-old man didn't get the message that it was time to move out of his parent's home, even after they left him five notices and an offer of cash to help find new digs.


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All six people on board a flight from Austin, Texas, survived a crash landing in Honduras that resulted in the jet splitting in half.


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Incoming NRA president Oliver North has blamed school shootings on a "culture of violence," but CNN's Anderson Cooper points out that North was a consultant on "Call of Duty," a violent and graphic video game.


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During a press conference, Kelly Clarkson was recently asked about how she lost so much weight and she brushed it off with a joke.


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There is a gaping hole in this story: A sinkhole has appeared steps from the entrance to the White House briefing room.


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Ever since I learned that Cape Town could become the first major city to run out of water, I've found myself becoming increasingly hooked on porn. "Water porn" that is.


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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first public appearance since their wedding was interrupted by a pesky bee.


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The search for flight MH370 will come to a close on May 29 after more than four years and little sign of what happened to the ill-fated plane.


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Amazon banning shoppers over this ...Open in a New Window

Amazon has quietly started tracking and banning shoppers who return too many products.


Instagram will let you mute annoying accountsOpen in a New Window


Driving while black: Police handcuff man for 'vegetation' in car windowOpen in a New Window

When police in Winfield, Kansas, pulled Rudy Samuel over, the 31-year-old felt he had done nothing wrong. So he started recording the encounter on Facebook Live.


Florida candidate says Puerto Ricans should go back 'where they belong'Open in a New Window

A Republican congressional candidate is facing a backlash after saying that Puerto Ricans who moved to Florida in the wake of Hurricane Maria last year should not be able to register to vote in the state.


Man in viral rant apologizes, says he's not a racistOpen in a New Window

One week after he screamed at people speaking Spanish in a New York City cafe -- a rant captured on video that quickly went viral -- attorney Aaron Schlossberg says he's not a racist and is "deeply sorry" for his actions.


White woman's police call leads to huge BBQOpen in a New Window

A large crowd turned out for an event called "BBQing While Black" in Oakland, California, after a white woman called police to complain about a group of black people barbecuing in a public space.


What kids want you to know -- just in case they die in a school shootingOpen in a New Window

Where they'd want to be buried. How to console their grieving parents. What to tell politicians who offered only prayers in response to their untimely deaths.


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Ireland must remove shackles from its womenOpen in a New Window

This week, 47 years ago, a group of Irish feminists boarded what became known as the Contraceptive Train -- a train to and from Belfast so they could buy condoms, take them back to Dublin and goad the police to arrest them.


Trump is poisoning this conversation Open in a New Window

On Sunday, President Donald Trump unleashed a tweetstorm, which culminated with his "demand" for an investigation into whether the FBI tried to infiltrate his campaign. In response, Department of Justice Spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores issued a statement, saying the DOJ would ask its Inspector General to expand its review to address the President's concerns. While Trump's latest move is contentious, it's hardly surprising.


Crush your mortgage interest with a 15 yr fixedOpen in a New Window


2 savings accounts pay 10x what your bank paysOpen in a New Window


The brilliant way to pay off $5,000 in credit card debtOpen in a New Window


These are the highlights of Trump's Twitter habitOpen in a New Window

It's no secret that President Trump is a fan of Twitter. CNN's Chris Cillizza breaks down the President's highs and lows on the platform.


Trump touts anti-abortion agenda at gala speechOpen in a New Window

President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening keynoted a pro-life gala, touting his administration's policies aimed at ending taxpayer support of abortion.


Beating Republicans in November will be harder than Democrats thoughtOpen in a New Window

It's become a numbing Washington ritual. Donald Trump shatters a traditional boundary on the exercise of presidential power. Or he uses inflammatory language that stirs racial animosities. Or he's hit by new revelations in the overlapping investigations into his campaign's contacts with foreign governments in 2016 and his own tangled financial and personal affairs before the presidency.


How Michael Jackson's tilt defied gravityOpen in a New Window

Michael Jackson's musical achievements are legend: the first artist to win eight Grammys in one night; the first artist to sell more than a million digital tracks in one week.


Should you be eating the Nordic diet?Open in a New Window

You are probably familiar with the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and olive oil. The diet has been associated with a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes, as well as a reduced risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. But there's another diet that has its roots overseas, and it appears to offer similar health benefits.


Where thousands travel abroad for an abortionOpen in a New Window

Julie O'Donnell was 29 weeks pregnant, on a flight from Dublin to Liverpool that was packed with rowdy holidaymakers, tears streaming down her face.


A germ-free childhood could trigger leukemiaOpen in a New Window

Germ-free childhoods followed by infections later in life can trigger the onset of childhood leukemia, a new study suggests.


NRA leader ties Ritalin to school shootingsOpen in a New Window


Julia Louis-Dreyfus will receive Mark Twain Prize for comedyOpen in a New Window

One of the most decorated Emmy winners will soon have yet another award on her mantel.


'John McCain' offers definitive portrait of maverick senatorOpen in a New Window

"John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls" offers a definitive portrait of an extraordinary life, boasting extensive access to its subject as well practically as every political luminary to pass through his orbit, including three former presidents. Keenly aware that he's nearing the end, McCain and director Peter Kunhardt have left a guide to a figure described, for good or ill, as being the most influential non-president of the last half-century.


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Wedding bells will ring this winter for Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham.


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"The Voice" coach Kelly Clarkson just won Season 14 of the show and is also drawing notice for her newly trim figure.


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"Deadpool 2" isn't the only eagerly awaited film this summer.


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Who actually travels by private jet? What destinations do they fly to? How much does a ritzy ride through the clouds really cost?
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