Q. How do I order wired internet services for my booth space?
A. Contact Audrey Rinehart (

Q. How do I order audio visual services for my booth space?
A. Contact PSAV by filling out and returning this form.

Q. What are the shipping instructions for items sent to/from the Westin Gaslamp Hotel?

  • Exhibitors should complete appropriate shipping forms (FEDEX, UPS, DHL, etc) and affix to each parcel being shipped out.
    • all exhibitors must complete the exhibitor shipping form and return as noted on the form itself and submit a valid credit card to the hotel. 
  • The hotel can only accept packages within (3) days of the conference dates and must have a completed exhibitor shipping form on file.
  • Please address the shipments to the following address:
    Your Organization’s On-Site Contact / Company      
              910 Broadway Circle
              San Diego, CA  92101
              Box 1 of _____
              Deliver to____________ (if known please note room location we should deliver box)
  • Please note the following package handling fees*:
    • Inbound:
      $5.00 per box (up to 5 pounds) /$10.00 per box (6-20 pounds)
      $15.00 per box (21-50 pounds) / $25.00 per box (over 50 pounds)
      $50 per crate / $75.00 per pallet
    • Outbound: 
      $5 envelope / $10 box
      $25 crates or pallet
  • If storage exceeds 3 days, a $25 per item/day fee will be added.
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