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Radiation Research Table of Contents: January 2017

Thursday, February 2, 2017  
Posted by: Administration
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Will an MRI Examination Damage Your Genes? Kenneth R. Foster, John E. Moulder, and Thomas F. Budinger (pages 1-6)

Seeking Beta: Experimental Considerations and Theoretical Implications Regarding the Detection of Curvature in Dose-Response Relationships for Chromosome Aberrations Igor Shuryak, Bradford D. Loucas, and Michael N. Cornforth (pages  7-19)

Mortality Analysis of the Life Span Study (LSS) Cohort Taking into Account Multiple Causes of Death Indicated in Death Certificates Ayako Takamori, Ikuno Takahashi, Fumiyoshi Kasagi, Akihiko Suyama, Kotaro Ozasa, and Takashi Yanagawa (pages 20-31)

Ionizing Radiation Induces Innate Immune Responses in Macrophages by Generation of Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Sup Kim, Jin Ho Choe, Gippeum Joy Lee, Yi Sak Kim, Soo Yeon Kim, Hye-Mi Lee, Hyo Sun Jin, Tae Sung Kim, Jin-Man Kim, Moon-June Cho, Eui-Cheol Shin, Eun-Kyeong Jo, and Jun-Sang Kim (pages 32-41)

NEUDOSE: A CubeSat Mission for Dosimetry of Charged Particles and Neutrons in Low-Earth Orbit A. R. Hanu, J. Barberiz, D. Bonneville, S. H. Byun, L. Chen, C. Ciambella, E. Dao, V. Deshpande, R. Garnett, S. D. Hunter, A. Jhirad, E. M. Johnston, M. Kordic, M. Kurnell, L. Lopera, M. McFadden, A. Melnichuk, J. Nguyen, A. Otto, R. Scott, D. L. Wagner, and M. Wiendels (pages 42-49)

IL-6 Mediates Macrophage Infiltration after Irradiation via Up-regulation of CCL2/CCL5 in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Xin Wang, Xiaodong Yang, Ying Tsai, Li Yang, Kuang-Hsiang Chuang, Peter C. Keng, Soo Ok Lee, and Yuhchyau Chen (pages 50-59)

Spatial Memory Performance of Socially Mature Wistar Rats is Impaired after Exposure to Low (5 cGy) Doses of 1 GeV/n 48Ti Particles Richard A. Britten, Jessica S. Jewell, Vania D. Duncan, Leslie K. Davis, Melissa M. Hadley, and Andrew J. Wyrobek (pages 60-65)

Radiosurgery Alters the Endothelial Surface Proteome: Externalized Intracellular Molecules as Potential Vascular Targets in Irradiated Brain Arteriovenous Malformations Lucinda S. McRobb, Vivienne S. Lee, Margaret Simonian, Zhenjun Zhao, Santhosh George Thomas, Markus Wiedmann, Jude V. Amal Raj, Michael Grace, Vaughan Moutrie, Matthew J. McKay, Mark P. Molloy, and Marcus A. Stoodley (pages 66-78)

Acute Temporal Changes of MRI-Tracked Tumor Vascular Parameters after Combined Anti-angiogenic and Radiation Treatments in a Rat Glioma Model: Identifying Signatures of Synergism Rasha Elmghirbi, Tavarekere N. Nagaraja, Stephen L. Brown, Swayamprava Panda, Madhava P. Aryal, Kelly A. Keenan, Hassan Bagher-Ebadian, Glauber Cabral, and James R. Ewing (pages 79-88)

Ionizing Radiation Impairs Endogenous Regeneration of Infarcted Heart: An In Vivo 18F-FDG PET/CT and 99mTc-Tetrofosmin SPECT/CT Study in Mice Lan Luo, Kodai Nishi, Yoshishige Urata, Chen Yan, Al Shaimaa Hasan, Shinji Goto, Takashi Kudo, Zhao-Lan Li, and Tao-Sheng Li (pages 89-97)

Exosome-Mediated Telomere Instability in Human Breast Epithelial Cancer Cells after X Irradiation Ammar H. J. Al-Mayah, Scott J. Bright, Debbie A. Bowler, Predrag Slijepcevic, Edwin Goodwin, and Munira A. Kadhim (pages 98-106)

Biomarkers for Uranium Risk Assessment for the Development of the CURE (Concerted Uranium Research in Europe) Molecular Epidemiological Protocol Yann Gu├ęguen, Laurence Roy, Sabine Hornhardt, Christophe Badie, Janet Hall, Sarah Baatout, Eileen Pernot, Ladislav Tomasek, Olivier Laurent, Teni Ebrahimian, Chrystelle Ibanez, Stephane Grison, Sylwia Kabacik, Dominique Laurier, and Maria Gomolka (pages 107-127)


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