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Radiation Research Table of Contents: March 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017  
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Using Clinical Signs and Symptoms for Medical Management of Radiation Casualties – 2015 NATO Exercise H. Dörr, M. Abend, W. F. Blakely, D. L. Bolduc, D. Boozer, T. Costeira, T. Dant, A. De Amicis, S. De Sanctis, M. Dondey, M. Drouet, F. Entine, S. Francois, G. Gagna, N. Guitard, F. Hérodin, M. Hoefer, A. Lamkowski, G. La Sala, F. Lista, P. Loiacono, M. Majewski, P. Martigne, D. Métivier, X. Michel, J. Pateux, J. Pejchal, G. Reeves, D. Riccobono, Z. Sinkorova, L. Soyez, D. Stricklin, A. Tichy, M. Valente, C. R. Woodruff Jr., L. Zarybnicka and M. Port (pages 273-286)

Changes in the Hippocampal Proteome Associated with Spatial Memory Impairment after Exposure to Low (20 cGy) Doses of 1 GeV/n 56Fe Radiation Richard A. Britten, Jessica S. Jewell, Leslie K. Davis, Vania D. Miller, Melissa M. Hadley, O. John Semmes, György Lonart and Sucharita M. Dutta (pages 287-297)

AEOL 10150 Mitigates Radiation-Induced Lung Injury in the Nonhuman Primate: Morbidity and Mortality are Administration Schedule-Dependent Thomas J. MacVittie, Allison Gibbs, Ann M. Farese, Kory Barrow, Alexander Bennett, Cheryl Taylor-Howell, Abdul Kazi, Karl Prado, George Parker and William Jackson III (pages 298-318)

Heart Disease Mortality in the Life Span Study, 1950–2008 Ikuno Takahashi, Yukiko Shimizu, Eric J. Grant, John Cologne, Kotaro Ozasa and Kazunori Kodama (pages 319-332)

Blood-Based Nucleic Acid Biomarkers as a Potential Tool to Determine Radiation Therapy Response in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Christopher R. Deig, Marc S. Mendonca and Tim Lautenschlaeger (pages 333-338)

Nicaraven, a Potential Radioprotective Agent, has Very Limited Effects on the Survival of Cancer Cells and the Growth of Established Tumors Chen Yan, Lan Luo, Yoshishige Urata, Shinji Goto, Chang-Ying Guo and Tao-Sheng Li (pages 339-345)

Pathology of Serially Sacrificed Female B6C3F1 Mice Continuously Exposed to Very Low-Dose-Rate Gamma Rays I. B. Tanaka, J. Komura and S. Tanaka (pages 346-360)

Late Administration of a Palladium Lipoic Acid Complex (POLY-MVA) Modifies Cardiac Mitochondria but Not Functional or Structural Manifestations of Radiation-Induced Heart Disease in a Rat Model Vijayalakshmi Sridharan, John W. Seawright, Francis J. Antonawich, Merrill Garnett, Maohua Cao, Preeti Singh and Marjan Boerma (pages 361-366)

MnTE-2-PyP Treatment, or NOX4 Inhibition, Protects against Radiation-Induced Damage in Mouse Primary Prostate Fibroblasts by Inhibiting the TGF-Beta 1 Signaling Pathway Arpita Chatterjee, Elizabeth A. Kosmacek and Rebecca E. Oberley-Deegan (pages 367-381)

Autophagy Promotes the Repair of Radiation-Induced DNA Damage in Bone Marrow Fei Xu, Xin Li, Lili Yan, Na Yuan, Yixuan Fang, Yan Cao, Li Xu, Xiaoying Zhang, Lan Xu, Chaorong Ge, Ni An, Gaoyue Jiang, Jialing Xie, Han Zhang, Jiayi Jiang, Xiaotian Li, Lei Yao, Suping Zhang, Daohong Zhou and Jianrong Wang (pages 382-396)

Nocifensive Behaviors in Mice with Radiation-Induced Oral Mucositis Michael W. Nolan, C. Tyler Long, Karen L. Marcus, Shayan Sarmadi, Donald M. Roback, Tomoki Fukuyama, Wolfgang Baeumer and B. Duncan X. Lascelles (pages 397-403)

Errata (page 404)

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