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SIT Newsletter August 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017  
Posted by: Lindsey Keeley
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AUGUST 2, 2017
Late-Breaking Poster Notification
AUGUST 7, 2017
Poster Attendee Registration Deadline

Research Faculty
Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program,
University of Iowa College of Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology.

ERRS2017: 43rd Annual Meeting of the European Radiation Research Society
Essen, Germany
September 18-21, 2017

ASTRO Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
September 24-27, 2017


17th International Symposium on Microdosimetry
Venice, Italy
November 5-10, 2017

International Training Course on Carbon-ion Radiotherapy
Chiba & Gunma, Japan
November 6-11, 2017

Mary-Keara Boss - Medicine/Biology  

Pavel Bláha - Biology

Reza Taleei - Physics
Jason Domogauer, Medicine
Pil Fredericia, Biology/Physics

Cristian Fernandez-Paloma - Biology  
Yuan-Hao (Chris) Lee - Biology/Physics
Nicholas Colangelo - Medicine/Biology
James McEvoy - Biology
Emil Schueler - Biology/Physics
Mattia Siragusa - Biology/Physics

Dear SIT members,
This month, I’d like to share with you a story from the hospital. A young couple named Maria and John had recently immigrated to the United States and were thinking of having their first child. Maria however had a history of unprovoked seizures—epilepsy. One of the risks is that seizures can cause hypoxic events for a developing fetus during pregnancy. The good news is that she had been working with an epileptologist for the past several years and had been able to achieve seizure freedom for the past couple years. The other half of the coin was that during pregnancy, her body would metabolize the seizure medication at an unpredictable rate. A long story short, she worked with her doctor to monitor and modify her drug levels throughout the pregnancy and had a successful and uncomplicated birth of her boy.

Several months later with her husband and child, Maria came back to the office of the seizure doctor and said, “with the baby and everything, I think I want to learn how to drive.” Maria said that back in her home country, having seizures was culturally kept quiet and something to be embarrassed about. Here in her new home, there were driving laws restricting those with seizures from being on the road for safety. But now at the age of 34 with her beautiful baby boy in hand and almost three years free from any events, Maria radiated with confidence to try something that she had never been able to do before to help out her family, something she never though could happen either.

While Maria’s story wasn’t directly a radiation story, I wanted to share this story because as scholars in training we are so early in our careers that often it’s easy to lose sight of why we are working so many long hours—I know I sure do. Whether that is looking for small molecules, sorting through the trees of –omics data, or even parsing out the 63rd downstream partner in a metabolic pathway, that time spent on studying and in research could go forward to change another individual’s life in one way or another. I’d like to give kudos to all of you SIT members for that time you give towards developing your craft, that is truly inspiring.

Finally, in the spirit of unearthing discoveries, I hope your excitement for the Radiation Research Society Annual Meeting is running high as it is approaching quickly on October 15-18. Get registered so we can all talk about what new things have come up this past year. See you then!
Ryan Wei
SIT Committee Member

Tyler A. Beach, Carl J. Johnston, Angela M. Groves, Jacqueline P. Williams & Jacob N. Finkelstein Radiation induced pulmonary fibrosis as a model of progressive fibrosis: Contributions of DNA damage, inflammatory response and cellular senescence genes Experimental Lung Research Journal

M. K. Boss, M. W. Dewhirst, R. S. Sampaio, A. Bennett, A. Tovmasyan, K. G. Berman, A. W. Beaven, D. A. Rizzieri, I. Batinic-Haberle, M. L. Hauck, I. Spasojevic Potential for a novel manganese porphyrin compound as adjuvant canine lymphoma therapy Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology

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RRS Annual Meeting Registration Open-
Registration is now at the Advanced rate until August 25th.

You may register or view the program, speakers and location information by clicking HERE. SIT Members must be in good standing to receive the deep registration discount to attend.

Activities are now available for registration. See details HERE and register HERE!

Bringing a poster to the meeting?
Visit the Poster Information page for details. Remember, you must be registered by August 7th!

We would like to congratulate Dr. Edouard Azzam for receiving this year's SIT Excellence in Mentorship Award!

SIT Vodcast: Clinically Relevant Protein Kinase B with Sebastian Oeck

SIT Vodcast: EMT, Cancer & Radiation with Alba Gonzalez Junca


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Evolved Cellular Mechanisms to Respond to Genotoxic Insults: Implications for Radiation-Induced Hematologic Malignancies

Courtney J. FleenorKelly HigaMichael M. Weil, and James DeGregori

Radiation Research Oct 2015, Vol. 184, No. 4: 341-351.
Evolved Cellular Mechanisms to Respond to Genotoxic Insults: Implications for Radiation-Induced Hematologic Malignancies

Courtney J. FleenorKelly HigaMichael M. Weil, and James DeGregori

Radiation Research Oct 2015, Vol. 184, No. 4: 341-351.

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