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SIT Newsletter September 2017

Tuesday, September 5, 2017  
Posted by: Lindsey Keeley
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October 6, 2017
Late Registration Deadline

October 15, 2017
Registration for Winter Workshop Open

Research Faculty
Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program,
University of Iowa College of Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology.

ERRS2017: 43rd Annual Meeting of the European Radiation Research Society
Essen, Germany
September 18-21, 2017

ASTRO Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
September 24-27, 2017


17th International Symposium on Microdosimetry
Venice, Italy
November 5-10, 2017

International Training Course on Carbon-ion Radiotherapy
Chiba & Gunma, Japan
November 6-11, 2017

18th Radiochemical Conference
Czech Republic
May 13-18, 2018

OCRP5: 5th Asian & Oceanic Regional Congress on Radiation Protection
Melbourne, Australia
May 20-23, 2018

Mary-Keara Boss - Medicine/Biology  

Pavel Bláha - Biology

Reza Taleei - Physics
Jason Domogauer, Medicine
Pil Fredericia, Biology/Physics

Cristian Fernandez-Paloma - Biology  
Yuan-Hao (Chris) Lee - Biology/Physics
Nicholas Colangelo - Medicine/Biology
James McEvoy - Biology
Emil Schueler - Biology/Physics
Mattia Siragusa - Biology/Physics

G’Day SIT members,
Change is a remarkable, yet sometimes petrifying event that we will face many times throughout our lives. Speaking broadly, it can bring the modernization or destruction of communities, the advancement or cessation of knowledge, and the happiness or sadness of an individual. With every opportunity of change we face, we must decide how we will respond.

Recently, I had the opportunity to change the location of my PhD. In my second year of studies, I moved over to Canada (three months ago). This change, although well thought out, also brought about many changes I hadn’t considered: there were changes in country, community and living situation. These changes weren’t too hard, as I had a sense of what I was getting myself into. Taking that step into a new living arrangement and learning to live separate from everyone I knew had its moments, but nothing too difficult. Then there were new cultures to learn. Although not vastly different from Australia, there are some distinct differences, such as driving on the wrong side of the road, packing my own groceries, or seeing snakes and spiders that aren’t going to kill me – Australia: land of the deadly animals.

The most challenging part of this extraordinary change was the time and effort involved to start up my experiments. Moving into a new lab and getting all the training again, then ordering supplies, all took much more time than first anticipated. Even performing simple tasks took hours because this lab was not set up to do them. In no way is this lab inferior to my old lab or vice versa, but they are different and they are set up for different experiments. Along with that, I moved into a lab where no one knew my study area and thus I immediately became the expert in my field. An initial shock but a beautiful learning curve as I found out I knew more than I realized – self-esteem booster.

In all cases, we have the ability to control what we think, what we feel and how we react to a situation of change. I also understand that this is easier said retrospectively rather than achieved actively in the moment, but even when the impetus of change is not our doing we still have much to control in its outcome. Overall, this exciting period in my life and my studies has brought me struggles and challenges which I have chosen to grow from rather than be shut down by; although difficult at times, I wouldn’t have changed them.

“All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward”
Ellen Glasgow

James McEvoy
SIT Committee Member

Jac A. Nickoloff, Mary-Keara Boss, Christopher P. Allen, Susan M. LaRue Translational research in radiation-induced DNA damage signaling and repair Translational Cancer Research 6(S5):S875-S891 · July 2017

Mattia Siragusa, Giorgio Baiocco, Pil M. Fredericia, Werner Friedland, Torsten Groesser, Andrea Ottolenghi, and Mikael Jensen (2017) The COOLER Code: A Novel Analytical Approach to Calculate Subcellular Energy Deposition by Internal Electron Emitters Radiation Research: August 2017, Vol. 188, No. 2, pp. 204-220.

Allison E. Kennedy, Corey A. Laamanen, Mitchell S. Ross, Rahul Vohra, Douglas R. Boreham, John A. Scott & Gregory M. Ross Nerve growth factor inhibitor with novel-binding domain demonstrates nanomolar efficacy in both cell-based and cell-free assay systems Pharma Res Per, 5(5), 2017, e00339

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RRS Annual Meeting Registration Open-
Registration is now at the Late rate until October 6th.

You may register or view the program, speakers and location information by clicking HERE. SIT Members must be in good standing to receive the deep registration discount to attend.

Activities are now available for registration. See details HERE and register HERE!

Bringing a poster to the meeting?
Visit the Poster Information page for details. Remember, you must be registered by August 7th!

Call for Abstracts is open for the 2018 Inaugural Winter Workshop. Learn more HERE or submit your abstract HERE.

We would like to congratulate Dr. Edouard Azzam for receiving this year's SIT Excellence in Mentorship Award!

SIT Vodcast: "Decreased Normal Tissue Toxicity in Mice" with Emil Schueler

Our Stories: "Nanotechnology in Pancreatic Cancer" with Alexandre Detappe

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Evolved Cellular Mechanisms to Respond to Genotoxic Insults: Implications for Radiation-Induced Hematologic Malignancies

Courtney J. FleenorKelly HigaMichael M. Weil, and James DeGregori

Radiation Research Oct 2015, Vol. 184, No. 4: 341-351.
Evolved Cellular Mechanisms to Respond to Genotoxic Insults: Implications for Radiation-Induced Hematologic Malignancies

Courtney J. FleenorKelly HigaMichael M. Weil, and James DeGregori

Radiation Research Oct 2015, Vol. 184, No. 4: 341-351.

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