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Radiation Research Table of Contents: November 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017  
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Sara Duhachek-Muggy, Kruttika Bhat, Erina Vlashi and Frank Pajonk Growth Differentiation Factor 11 does not Mitigate the Lethal Effects of Total-Abdominal Irradiation (pages 469-475)

Juliann G. Kiang, Min Zhai, David L. Bolduc, Joan T. Smith, Marsha N. Anderson, Connie Ho, Bin Lin and Suping Jiang
Combined Therapy of Pegylated G-CSF and Alxn4100TPO Improves Survival and Mitigates Acute Radiation Syndrome after Whole-Body Ionizing Irradiation Alone and Followed by Wound Trauma (pages 476-490)

Melpo Christofidou-Solomidou, Ralph A. Pietrofesa, Evguenia Arguiri, Constantinos Koumenis and Robert Segal
Radiation Mitigating Properties of Intranasally Administered KL4 Surfactant in a Murine Model of Radiation-Induced Lung Damage (pages 491-504)

Zhimeng Fu, Yunfei Zhao, Kaixiang Zhang, Jian Wang, Min Zhang and Xianghui Zhao
Age-Dependent Responses of Brain Myelin Integrity and Behavioral Performance to Radiation in Mice (pages 505-516)

Guillaume Hubert and Sébastien Aubry
Atmospheric Cosmic-Ray Variation and Ambient Dose Equivalent Assessments Considering Ground Level Enhancement Thanks to Coupled Anisotropic Solar Cosmic Ray and Extensive Air Shower Modeling (pages 517-531)

Cody W. Whoolery, Angela K. Walker, Devon R. Richardson, Melanie J. Lucero, Ryan P. Reynolds, David H. Beddow, K. Lyles Clark, Hung-Ying Shih, Junie A. LeBlanc, Mara G. Cole, Wellington Z. Amaral, Shibani Mukherjee, Shichuan Zhang, Francisca Ahn, Sarah E. Bulin, Nathan A. DeCarolis, Phillip D. Rivera, Benjamin P. C. Chen, Sanghee Yun and Amelia J. Eisch 
Whole-Body Exposure to 28Si-Radiation Dose-Dependently Disrupts Dentate Gyrus Neurogenesis and Proliferation in the Short Term and New Neuron Survival and Contextual Fear Conditioning in the Long Term (pages 532-551)

Olivier Grémy, Sylvie Coudert, Daniel Renault and Laurent Miccoli
Decorporation Approach after Rat Lung Contamination with Plutonium: Evaluation of the Key Parameters Influencing the Efficacy of a Protracted Chelation Treatment (pages 552-561)

Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat, Rishi Rampersad, Xia Xu, Matthew E. Ritchie, Jacob Michalski, Lingling Huang and Mark W. Onaitis
High-LET Radiation Increases Tumor Progression in a K-Ras-Driven Model of Lung Adenocarcinoma (pages 562-570)

Benjamin V. Becker, Claus Richter, Reinhard Ullmann, Christina Beinke, Matthäus Majewski, Viktoria Exner, Guido Weisel, Michael Abend and Matthias Port
Exploring the Link between Radiation Exposure and Multifocal Basal Cell Carcinomas in a Former Chernobyl Clean-up Worker by Combining Different Molecular Biological Techniques (pages 571-578)

Jeffrey S. Murley, Richard C. Miller, Ralph R. Weichselbaum and David J. Grdina
TP53 Mutational Status and ROS Effect the Expression of the Survivin-Associated Radio-Adaptive Response (pages 579-590)


Shigeaki Sunada, Hirokazu Hirakawa, Akira Fujimori, Mitsuru Uesaka and Ryuichi Okayasu Oxygen Enhancement Ratio in Radiation-Induced Initial DSBs by an Optimized Flow Cytometry-based Gamma-H2AX Analysis in A549 Human Cancer Cells (pages 591-594)

Nicolaas A. Franken Prof. Johan Broerse 1934–2017 (pages 595-595)

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