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SIT Newsletter: July 2019

Tuesday, July 30, 2019  
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July 31
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August 7
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August 16
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August 30
Poster Presenter Registration Deadline

Assistant Project Data Scientist at Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS)
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
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Postdoctoral Fellow- Open Positions
Rice University Dept. of Bioengineering
Houston, TX
More Information

Postdoctoral Fellow- Neurobiology/Developmental Biology
University of Texas
San Antonio, TX
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Assistant Instructor- Biological Sciences
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
More Information

Curriculum Fellow for Online Learning- Immunology
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA
More Information

Scientist- Molecular Biology
10X Genomics
Pleasanton, CA
More Information

Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Texas at MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX
More Information

Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Rutgers University, New Jersey Medical School
Newark, NJ
More Information

Postdoctoral Position- Molecular Imaging and Therapy
University of California
San Francisco, CA
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Postdoctoral Position- Radiation Oncology
University of California
San Francisco, CA
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Assistant Instructor - Biological Sciences
BioSci Program Teaching Team at Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
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16th International Congress on Radiation Research
Manchester, UK
August 25-29, 2019

ASTRO's 61st Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL
September 15-18, 2019
65th Annual RRS Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 3-6, 2019
SIT Workshop November 2, 2019
5th International Symposium on the System of Radiological Protection
Adelaide, Australia
November 19-21, 2019
Tien Tang- Biology

Jason Domogauer- Medicine
Nicholas Colangelo -Medicine/Biology
James McEvoy - Biology
Ryan Jonathan Wei - Medicine
Jade Moore- Multidisciplinary
Britta Langen- Biology
Brian Canter- Biology
Julie Constanzo- BioPhysics
Calvin Leung- Medicine/Biology
Rutul Patel- Pharmacology
Alexandra Taraboletti-Biology

Dear SIT members,

How quickly 2019 seems to be flying by! We’ve already entered the second half of the year, with ICRR right around the corner, and our annual RRS conference not long after that. As this is my first time writing for the newsletter, it took me a while to think about what I could offer to my fellow members from my experiences.

It’s okay to fail, and it’s okay to be frustrated in failure. We all got to where we currently are by being among the best and the brightest. By deciding to get involved in research, every one of us wants to publish that groundbreaking study, discover something unknown, challenge the current paradigms. However, that success is built on the back of multiple failures, whether it is during the optimization process of a study; a pilot experiment that ultimately yields no statistical significance; that problem you can’t solve even after thinking about it for days; or that third replicate that just will not work despite perfectly repeating the protocol. As scientists, it is normal for us to fail, which can be strange after having to succeed so often to just get to this point. It can also feel as if the academic world then expects you to immediately move on to the next thing, which can lead to a sense of wasted effort, disappointment, and frustration. Take a moment for yourself to acknowledge these feelings and thoughts, and give yourself a chance to vent and refocus.

Don’t be afraid to take “detours” in your research journey. It is necessary to have focus and drive in order to complete a project and publish your findings, of course. Still, research has a funny way of leading us on winding journeys, typically unplanned. As an MD/PhD student, deviations mean the possibility of an elongated PhD phase and a delay in completing my MD degree. Yet it was the experiments and results on these “detours” that I found most interesting, compared to the initial project I began with. For you, it may ultimately be the area you decide to specialize in and become its foremost expert.

Finally, it is my pleasure to announce that the 2019 SIT Mentorship Award is awarded to Dr. Marianne Sowa. Congratulations!


Calvin Leung
SIT Committee Member

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The Radiation Research Society has been the cornerstone for radiation science education for over 60 years. Home to many of the best and brightest researchers, RRS seeks to bring together and build a community of investigators with cross-disciplinary interests. This educational resource center is a benefit to the scientific community and will routinely feature a breadth of content that will capture your interest, regardless of your field of study.

Resources include books, classes (both online and in person), study guides, case studies and much more. View them HERE.
After much hard work by the History Committee and past SIT Chair Karl Butterworth, we are pleased to announce the SIT History Book is now complete! Included are a list of all past SIT Chairs and statements from each. Look for it at the Annual Meeting where it will be available for purchase at the Registration Desk.
Attention all SITs:

It’s difficult keeping up with all the news especially as media attention rapidly shifts from one story to the next story. There are several excellent resources for keeping track of science-related activities at the United States federal government level. Here a few:

AAAS Policy Alert: A weekly roundup of policy and political developments affecting science and technology. Focuses on the big picture and provides an overview of weekly events. Here’s a sample. You do need to become an AAAS member in order to subscribe to this newsletter. You can opt into the roundup via your email preferences.

● Duke SciPol Newsletter: A more detailed list of current policies impacting science and technology. This update includes links to background research and all developments related to a particular policy. Sign up at the bottom of this page and also click around the website to engage with policies in different areas.

● Federation of American Scientists Congressional Science Policy Initiative: Signing up for the Congressional Science Policy Initiative Newsletter has two benefits. First, you are informed of major developments in congressional hearings related to science and technology. Second, you are encouraged to provide feedback for upcoming congressional hearings that will be delivered to the elected officials presiding over the hearing. For more information click here.

I would encourage you all to put a face and name behind radiation research by reaching out to your municipal, state and federal government offices. If you want a particular topic or issue addressed in this section, please feel free to reach out to Brian Canter via email at!

Taraboletti A, Goudarzi M, Kabir A, Moon BH, Laiakis EC, Lacombe J, Ake P, Shoishiro S, Brenner D, Fornace Jr AJ, Zenhausern F. Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction-A metabolomic pre-processing approach for ionizing radiation exposure assessment. Journal of proteome research. 2019 May 15

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2020 Non-RRS Meeting Support
Application Deadline: October 25, 2019

Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council

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Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung/Foundation
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ASTRO Funding Opportunities
ASTRO funds research in radiation biology, cancer biology and radiation physics. Funding opportunities are available for junior faculty and residents.

Proposal Central
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