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Radiation Research Table of Contents: February 2020

Wednesday, February 12, 2020  
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Comparison of Radiation Dose Reconstruction Methods to Investigate Late Adverse Effects of Radiotherapy for Childhood Cancer: A Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Sara J. Schonfeld, Rebecca M. Howell, Susan A. Smith, Joseph P. Neglia, Lucie M. Turcotte, Michael A. Arnold, Peter D. Inskip, Kevin C. Oeffinger, Chaya S. Moskowitz, Tara O. Henderson, Wendy M. Leisenring, Todd M. Gibson, Amy Berrington de González, Joshua N. Sampson, Stephen J. Chanock, Margaret A. Tucker, Smita Bhatia, Leslie L. Robison, Gregory T. Armstrong & Lindsay M. Morton (Vol. 193, No. 2: pages 95-106)

Enhancement of Cytotoxicity of Enediyne Compounds by Hyperthermia: Effects of Various Metal Complexes on Tumor Cells Joy E. Garrett, Erin Metzger, Katelyn Schmitt, Sarai Soto, Samantha Northern, Laura Kryah, Misbah Irfan, Susan Rice, Mary Brown, Jeffrey M. Zaleski & Joseph R. Dynlacht (Vol. 193, No. 2: pages 107-118)

Macrophage-Mediated Bystander Effects after Different Irradiations through a p53-dependent Pathway Jiamei Fu, Lin Zhu, Wenzhi Tu, Xiangdong Wang, Yan Pan, Yang Bai, Bingrong Dang, Jiayi Chen & Chunlin Shao (Vol. 193, No. 2: pages 119-129)

Prediction of Cell Survival after Exposure to Mixed Radiation Fields with the Local Effect Model Tabea Pfuhl, Thomas Friedrich & Michael Scholz (Vol. 193, No. 2: pages 130-142)

Generation of a Transcriptional Radiation Exposure Signature in Human Blood Using Long-Read Nanopore Sequencing Lourdes Cruz-Garcia, Grainne O'Brien, Botond Sipos, Simon Mayes, Michael I. Love, Daniel J. Turner & Christophe Badie (Vol. 193, No. 2: pages 143-154)

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound to Detect Early Microvascular Changes in Skeletal Muscle after High-Dose Radiation Treatment Nima Nabavizadeh, Yue Qi, Andy Kaempf, Yiyi Chen, James A. Tanyi, Jonathan R. Lindner & Melinda D. Wu (Vol. 193, No. 2: pages 155-160)

Imaging and Dosimetry Study of Inter-fraction Setup Error in a Murine Xenograft Flank Tumor Radiation Model Emily J. Smith, Erik J. Tryggestad, Brett L. Carlson, Matthew C. Walb & Jann N. Sarkaria (Vol. 193, No. 2: pages 161-170)

KATP Channel Blocker Glibenclamide Prevents Radiation-Induced Lung Injury and Inhibits Radiation-Induced Apoptosis of Vascular Endothelial Cells by Increased Ca2+ Influx and Subsequent PKC Activation Penglin Xia, Kun Cao, Xuguang Hu, Lei Liu, Danyang Yu, Suhe Dong, Jicong Du, Yang Xu, Bin Liu, Yanyong Yang, Fu Gao, Xuejun Sun & Hu Liu (Vol. 193, No. 2: pages 171-185)


Effects of Brain Irradiation in Immune-Competent and Immune-Compromised Mouse Models Mohammad Saki, Kruttika Bhat, Sirajbir S. Sodhi, Nhan T. Nguyen, Harley I. Kornblum & Frank Pajonk (Vol. 193, No. 2: pages 186-194)


Effect of Heterogeneity in Background Incidence on Inference about the Solid-Cancer Radiation Dose Response in Atomic Bomb Survivors by Cologne et al., Radiat Res 2019; 192:388–398. Linda Walsh, Uwe Schneider (Vol. 193, No. 2: pages 195-197)

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