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Radiation Research Table of Contents: August 2020

Friday, August 21, 2020  
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The Roles of Autophagy and Senescence in the Tumor Cell Response to Radiation Nipa H. Patel, Sahib S. Sohal, Masoud H Manjili, J. Chuck Harrell & David A. Gewirtz (Vol. 194, No. 2: 103-115)

Sleep Fragmentation Exacerbates Executive Function Impairments Induced by Low Doses of Si Ions Richard A. Britten, Arriyam S. Fesshaye, Vania D. Duncan, Laurie L. Wellman & Larry D. Sanford (Vol. 194, No. 2: 116-123)

The Effect of Concurrent Stereotactic Body Radiation and Anti-PD-1 Therapy for Recurrent Metastatic Sarcoma Cameron M. Callaghan, Steven N. Seyedin, Imran H. Mohiuddin, Kelli L. Hawkes, Michael S. Petronek, Carryn M. Anderson, John M. Buatti, Mohammed M. Milhem, Varun Monga & Bryan G. Allen (Vol. 194, No. 2: 124-132)

MicroRNA Profile of Exosomes and Parental Cells is Differently Affected by Ionizing Radiation Agata Abramowicz, Wojciech Łabaj, Justyna Mika, Katarzyna Szołtysek, Izabella Ślęzak-Prochazka, Łukasz Mielańczyk, Michael D. Story, Monika Pietrowska, Andrzej Polański & Piotr Widłak (Vol. 194, No. 2: 133-142)

Fruit Fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as an In Vivo Tool to Study the Biological Effects of Proton Irradiation Koichiro Nakajima, TianXiang Gao, Kazuhiko Kume, Hiromitsu Iwata, Shuichi Hirai, Chihiro Omachi, Jun Tomita, Hiroyuki Ogino, Munekazu Naito & Yuta Shibamoto (Vol. 194, No. 2: 143-152)

Analysis of Cataract in Relationship to Occupational Radiation Dose Accounting for Dosimetric Uncertainties in a Cohort of U.S. Radiologic Technologists Mark P. Little, Ankur Patel, Nobuyuki Hamada & Paul Albert (Vol. 194, No. 2: 153-161)

Fibrinogen-Coated Albumin Nanospheres Prevent Thrombocytopenia-Related Bleeding Anthony D. Sung, Richard C. Yen, Yiqun Jiao, Alyssa Bernanke, Deborah A. Lewis, Sara E. Miller, Zhiguo Li, Joel R. Ross, Alexandra Artica, Sadhna Piryani, Dunhua Zhou, Yang Liu, Tuan Vo-Dinh, Maureane Hoffman, Thomas L. Ortel, Nelson J. Chao & Benny J. Chen (Vol. 194, No. 2: 162-172)

DNA Dosimeter Measurement of Relative Biological Effectiveness for 160 kVp and 6 MV X Rays Xiaolei Li, Kristen Alycia McConnell, Jun Che, Chul Soo Ha, Sang Eun Lee, Neil Kirby & Eun Yong Shim (Vol. 194, No. 2: 173-179)

Modifying Effect of Chronic Atrophic Gastritis on Radiation Risk for Noncardia Gastric Cancer According to Histological Type Keiko Ueda, Waka Ohishi, Harry Cullings, Saeko Fujiwara, Gen Suzuki, Tomonori Hayashi, Fukiko Mitsui, Ayumi Hida, Kotaro Ozasa, Masanori Ito, Kazuaki Chayama & Eiichi Tahara (Vol. 194, No. 2: 180-187)

Final Report from IBPRO: Impact of Multidisciplinary Collaboration on Research in Radiation Oncology Jay W. Burmeister, Michael M. Dominello, Monica W. Tracey, Sara E. Kacin & Michael C. Joiner (Vol. 194, No. 2: 188-190)

Human Forebrain Organoids from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: A Novel Approach to Model Repair of Ionizing Radiation-Induced DNA Damage in Human Neurons Debamitra Das, Jiaxin Li, Linzhao Cheng, Sonia Franco & Vasiliki Mahairaki (Vol. 194, No. 2: pages 191-198)

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