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Radiation Research Table of Contents: December 2019

Thursday, December 5, 2019  
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“What's Past is Prologue”: Pre-Existing Epigenetic Transcriptional Marks May Also Influence DNA Repair Pathway Choice (OPEN ACCESS) Clayton R. Hunt & Tej K. Pandita (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 577-578)


miRNA Expression Patterns Differ by Total- or Partial-Body Radiation Exposure in Baboons P. Ostheim, J. Haupt, F. Herodin, M. Valente, M. Drouet, M. Majewski, M. Port & M. Abend (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 579-588)

Correlation of Radiocesium Activity between Muscle and Peripheral Blood of Live Cattle Depending on Presence or Absence of Radiocontamination in Feed Masatoshi Suzuki, Hidehiko Suzuki, Hirotoshi Ishiguro, Yosuke Saito, Satoshi Watanabe, Tomoyuki Kozutsumi, Yuichiro Sochi, Kiyoshi Nishi, Yusuke Urushihara, Yasushi Kino, Takashi Numabe, Tsutomu Sekine, Koichi Chida & Manabu Fukumoto (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 589-601)

Mitigating Effects of 1-Palmitoyl-2-linoleoyl-3-acetyl-rac-glycerol (PLAG) on Hematopoietic Acute Radiation Syndrome after Total-Body Ionizing Irradiation in Mice (OPEN ACCESS) Yong-Jae Kim, Jinseon Jeong, Su-Hyun Shin, Do Young Lee, Ki-Young Sohn, Sun Young Yoon & Jae Wha Kim (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 602-611)

Dose-Rate-Dependent PU.1 Inactivation to Develop Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Mice Through Persistent Stem Cell Proliferation After Acute or Chronic Gamma Irradiation Mitsuaki Ojima, Tokuhisa Hirouchi, Reo Etani, Kentaro Ariyoshi, Yohei Fujishima & Michiaki Kai (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 612-620)

MicroRNA-146a-5p Attenuates Fibrosis-related Molecules in Irradiated and TGF-beta1-Treated Human Hepatic Stellate Cells by Regulating PTPRA-SRC Signaling Bao-Ying Yuan, Yu-Han Chen, Zhi-Feng Wu, Yuan Zhuang, Gen-Wen Chen, Li Zhang, Hai-Ge Zhang, Jason Chia-Hsien Cheng, Qin Lin & Zhao-Chong Zeng (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 621-629)

Chelation Treatment by Early Inhalation of Liquid Aerosol DTPA for Removing Plutonium after Rat Lung Contamination Laurent Miccoli, Florence Ménétrier, Pierre Laroche & Olivier Grémy (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 630-639)

Comparison of Proteomic Biodosimetry Biomarkers Across Five Different Murine Strains Mary Sproull, Uma Shankavaram & Kevin Camphausen (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 640-648)

A Scalable Database of Organ Doses for Common Diagnostic Fluoroscopy Procedures of Children: Procedures of Historical Practice for Use in Radiation Epidemiology Studies Emily L. Marshall, Dhanashree Rajderkar, Justin L. Brown, Elliott J. Stepusin, David Borrego, James Duncan, Christina L. Sammet, Julie R. Munneke, Marilyn L. Kwan, Diana L. Miglioretti, Rebecca Smith-Bindman & Wesley E. Bolch (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 649-661)


Effects of Magnetic Field Applied Just Before, During or Immediately after Carbon-Ion Beam Irradiation on its Biological Effectiveness Taku Inaniwa, Masao Suzuki, Shinji Sato, Masayuki Muramatsu, Kota Mizushima, Yoshiyuki Iwata, Nobuyuki Kanematsu, Toshiyuki Shirai & Koji Noda (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 662-665)

Gray Matter Heterotopia: Histological Evidence of Intrauterine Radiation Exposure in a Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Survivor Yuko Akazawa, Masahiro Ito, Shinji Naito, Masao Kishikawa, Ichiro Sekine & Masahiro Nakashima (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 666-667)


The Radiation-Induced Bystander Effect (RIBE) and its Connections with the Hallmarks of Cancer Aisling B. Heeran, Helen P. Berrigan & Jacintha O'Sullivan (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 668-679)


Comments on “Improved Modeling of Plutonium-DTPA Decorporation” (Radiat Res 2019; 191:201-10) Olivier Gremy & Laurent Miccoli (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 680-681)

Response to the Letter to the Editor, ‘Comments on “Improved Modeling of Plutonium-DTPA Decorporation,” (Radiat Res 2019; 191:201-10) by Gremy and Miccoli’
Sara Dumit, Bastian Breustedt, Maia Avtandilashvili, Stacey L. McComish, Daniel J. Strom, George Tabatadze & Sergei Y. Tolmachev (Vol. 192, No. 6: pages 682-683)

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