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2015 News Archive
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12.31.2015: RRS welcomes 10 new members in December
12.22.2015: Happy Holidays from RRS
 - December Table of Contents - Issue 184.5‚Äč

11.30.2015: RRS welcomes 4 new members in November
11.17.2015: In Memoriam Notice: William F. Morgan
11.17.2015: In Memoriam Notice: William Beckner
11.12.2015: Director of Scientific Affairs position open
11.11.2015: Notice of Amended Constitutional Bylaws
11.11.2015: Annual Membership Renewal Due December 31st for all members
 - November Table of Contents - Issue 184.4

10.30.2015: PhD Training Program in Space Life Sciences - Texas A&M University

10.1.2015: RRS2016 Preliminary Information (PPT)
 - October Table of Contents - Issue 184.3


9.31.2015: RRS2015 Highlight Video Reel
9.30.2015: RRS welcomes 3 new members in September
9.30.2015: The New Radium Girls: The Long Reach of Pelvic Radiation on Women Cancer Survivors
9.20.2015: In Memoriam: Kurt G. Hofer
9.6.2015: Late Registration Ends Monday

8.31.2015: RRS welcomes 12 new members in August
8.24.2015: CERN Symmetry Measurement Confirms Matter and Anti-Matter Are Mirrors of Each Other

8.15.2015: Jim Mitchell, RRS' 50th President, Selected for ASTRO's Highest Honor
8.13.2015: August Podcast Now Available: Radioprotectants with Dr Merriline Satyamitra
8.13.2015: UAMS to Use $10.5M for Cancer Therapy Research - grant led by Martin Hauer-Jensen

8.6.2015: 70 Years Later, Atomic Bombs Still Influence Health Research
 - August Table of Contents - Issue 184.2

JULY 2015
7.31.2015: RRS welcomes 15 new members in July
7.28.2015: RRS Officer Election Results In!
7.22.2015: The Gloves Are Off - 2015 Painter Debates, Advanced Registration Ends July 27th
7.22.2015: Ballots Close Friday, July 24th - Vote Now
7.20.2015: "Radiosensitizers & Radiochemotherapy in the Treatment of Cancer" by Shirley Lehnert, available
7.2.2015: Voting Opens for 2016 Officers - Ends July 24, 2015
7.2.2015: Space Particles Are Helping Map the Inside of Fukushima
7.2.2015: July Podcast Now Available: Hyperfractionation with Claire Vanpouille-Box
- July Table of Contents - Issue 184.1

JUNE 2015
6.30.2015: RRS welcomes 17 new members in June
6.30.2015: Houston, the cells have landed: CSU receives first sample in astronaut twin study
6.23.2015: Famous Astronaut Twins Now Guinea Pigs in Space Experiment - Listen to Susan Bailey interview
6.18.2015: SIT AWARD WINNERS: Registration Required by September 4th
6.15.2015: June Podcast Now Available: The Abscopal Effect with Sandra Demaria
6.9.2015: ICRR Official Slideshow and Photo Archive

6.4.2015: ICRR Highlights and Upcoming Deadlines for Annual Meeting
 - June Table of Contents - Issue 183.6

MAY 2015
5.31.2015: RRS welcomes 13 new members in May
5.20.2015: RRS Officer Nominations Close May 22
5.19.2015: Continuing Education Credits Approved for RRS 2014/2015 SIT Workshop & Meeting
5.12.2015: RRS Nominations End Friday, May 22
5.12.2015: Fukushima Watch: Cesium-Absorbing Canola Project Triples in Size
5.12.2015: Editor's Award Nominations End Friday, May 15
5.5.2015: 2015 STM New Investigator Award Winners Announced
5.4.2015: K-12 Radiation Workshop...interview with Greg Nelson Vodcast Now Available

APRIL 2015
4.30.2015: RRS welcomes 22 new members in April!

4.29.2015: Submit Your Nomination for New RRS Officers
4.29.2015: Editor's Award Nominations Now Being Accepted
4.29.2015: Late Breaking Abstracts Submission Site Now Open (news)
4.29.2015: History of Everything Karaoke Contest (news)
4.17.2015: Robot Ventures Deep Inside Fukushima Nuclear Reactor
 - April Table of Contents - Issue 183.4

MARCH 2015
3.31.2015: RRS welcomes 59 new members in March!
3.30.2015: Blood-Based DNA Damage...Interview with Asako Nakamura Vodcast Now Available
3.30.2015: Schubauer-Bergian new Associate Editor for Radiation Research Journal
3.30.2015: Keep up to date with the Twins Study: Susan Bailey

3.27.2015: SIT: Workshop Program Announced (ecard)
3.26.2015: Members: Color Returns to the 2015 Painter Debates (ecard)

3.26.2015: Emeritus: Please respond to retain Emeritus membership (ecard)
3.12.2015: RRS Call for Award Nominations

3.10.2015: Attention All Scientists: Do Improv, with Alan Alda's Help
3.2.2015: Iron Nanoparticles Snatch Uranium

3.4.2015: RRS Call for Awards & Notice of Abstracts Extended (ecard, news)

3.3.2015: A Lifetime in Biophysics: Eleanor Blakely

3.2.2015: Iron Nanoparticles Snatch Uranium

2.28.2015: RRS welcomes 19 new members in February!

2.28.2015: Boice Report (February) - How Low Can You Go: Learning to Live with Uncertainty
2.26.2015: Abstract Deadline Extended to March 31, 2015 (ecard, news)
2.18.2015: NCRP 2015 Annual Meeting: "Changing Regulations and Radiation Guidance" (news)
2.6.2015: NCRP Travel Awards Deadline is February 13, 2015 (ecard, news)
2.6.2015: 2015 RRS Call for Abstracts: Submission Site Now Open (ecard, news)
February Table of Contents - Issue 183.2

1.31.2015: RRS welcomes 9 new members in January!
1.30.2015: Officials Resume Lives in Radiation-Hit Town in Hope of Paving Way for Mass Return
- January Table of Contents - Issue 183.1

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