Committee Size: 15
Committee Rotation: 3 Years

Committee Membership:
The committee shall consist of six to eight appointed members. The SecretaryTreasurer, the Secretary-Treasurer-Elect when that office is occupied, and the Editor-in-Chief serve on the committee, but they can not serve as the Chair of the committee. Except for preceding and the Chair, members shall serve a three year term. The President of the Society shall appoint the members of the committee as the positions become vacant, subject to the approval of Council In addition to the six to eight members, the Executive Director of the Society shall serve as an ex-officio member.

Committee Responsibilities: The committee shall:

A) Perform an annual review of the year end income, expense and balance sheet statements prior to the presentation of the statements to Council.

B) Perform an annual review of the Annual Budget prepared by the Society’s management group and Secretary-Treasurer and recommend revisions as appropriate, prior to the presentation of the budget to the Council each fall.

C) In conjunction with the review of the Annual Budget, review annually the appropriateness of the membership dues and application fees, journal subscription rates and annual meeting registration rates and make necessary recommendations to Council.

D) Develop and maintain long-term financial planning for the consideration of Council. Long-term financial planning is to consider the financial impact of items of the Society’s strategic plan.

E) Provide direction to the Secretary-Treasurer and to the Society’s management group as to how the excess funds of the Society will be invested. The committee shall also perform periodic reviews of the Society’s investment strategy and policy and make necessary recommendations to Council.

Committee Reporting: The committee reports it activities to the RRS Council through the Secretary-Treasurer

Chang, Polly Y., Ph.D. Member Biology Chair 2020
Abergel, Rebecca J., Ph.D. Member Chemistry Member 2020
Authier, Simon, MD, Ph.D. Member Medicine Member 2021
Boerma, Marjan, Ph.D. Member Biology Member 2020
Domogauer, Jason, Ph.D. SIT Member Medicine Member 2019
Kimler, Bruce F., Ph.D. Member Biology Member
Kimple, Randall, J., MD, Ph.D. Member Multidisciplinary Member 2020
Tang, Tien  SIT Member Biology SIT Member 2020
Wiese, Claudia, Ph.D.  Member Biology Member 2020
Yu, David S., Ph.D. Member Medicine Member 2020
Azzam, Edouard, Ph.D. Member Biology
Mendonca, Marc S., Ph.D. Member Multidisciplinary
Haynes, Veronica
Executive Director