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Membership Committee
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Committee Size: 11
Committee Rotation: 3 Years

Committee Membership:
The committee shall consist of six full members with each serving a three year term. The committee is composed of representation from all four of the disciplines (biology, chemistry, medicine and physics) plus two representatives at large. In addition, there is at least one appointed representative from the Scholars-in Training Committee. All members are appointed by the President, subject to approval by Council. Generally, one representative in each discipline is sufficient. However, two representatives are typically necessary in Biology as it usually has the largest percentage of applicants.

Committee Responsibilities: The committee is responsible for reviewing all new membership applicants. Each committee member is responsible for reviewing the applications received in his/her discipline and forwarding the review comments in a timely fashion to the Chair of the committee. The Chair will send the final review indicating either acceptance or rejection to the Society’s management group. Letters of notification signed by the Secretary-Treasurer are sent to all applicants. The committee is also responsible for communications with each member whose dues payment is in arrears prior to dropping the member from the Society.

Committee Reporting: The committee reports it activities to the RRS Council through the Secretary/Treasurer.

Baulch, Janet, Ph.D.
Aykin-Burns, Nukhet, Ph.D.
Member Multidisciplinary
Co-Chair 2021
Bergom, Carmen, MD, Ph.D. Member
Multidisciplinary ECI Member
Boothman, David, Ph.D. Member Medicine Member 2021
Cacao, Eliedonna, Ph.D. SIT Member Multidisciplinary Member  2019
Colangelo, Nicolas, Ph.D. SIT Member Medicine Member 2020
Domogauer, Jason D., Ph.D. SIT Member Medicine Member 2019
Laiakis, Evagelia C., Ph.D. Member Biology
ECI Member
Wang, Gavin, Ph.D. Member Biology Member 2020
Azzam, Edouard, Ph.D. Liason
Biology Secretary/Treasurer 2020
Rinehart, Audrey
RRS Staff

Ex- Officio

Anscher, Mitch  Member Medicine     
Burma, Sandeep Member Biology    
Eisch, Amelia Member Biology    
Grabham, Peter Member Biology    
Hammond, Ester Member Biology    
Kadhim, Munira  Member Biology    
Ritter, Sylvia Member Multidisciplinary    
Dynlacht, Joe Member Biology     
Friedrich, Thomas Member Multidisciplinary     
Hamada, Nobby Member Biology    
Li, Jian Jian  Member Multidisciplinary    
Mao, Vivien
Member Biology     
Orschell, Christie Member Medicine    
Puspitasari, Reni Member Multidisciplinary    
Suzuki, Keiji Member Biology    
Vlashi, Erina Member Biology     
Wang, Ya  Member Biology     
Yu, Yongjia Member Biology    
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