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Councilors of the Society
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Number: 10
Term: 3 Years

Council Membership: The ten elected Councilors, along with the current Officers and the most recent Past President, comprise the Council. The fields of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and epidemiology shall be represented each by one Councilor, elected expressly for this purpose by eligible members in the same field/discipline. The remaining six Councilors shall be elected by the entire eligible membership to represent the membership at large. In the event that a Council seat is vacated, the council shall appoint a temporary Councilor to serve until the next election is held. The Councilor elected at this time shall serve for the unexpired term of the Councilor elected to office.

Council Responsibilities: The duties of the Council shall be: A) To serve as the Board of Directors of the Corporation. B) To administer all funds of the Society and to make appropriations for the necessary expenses of the Society. C) To establish annually the dues for members. D) To take such action as seems desirable and appropriate to promote the objectives of the Society. E) To appoint a Membership Committee consisting of one member representing physics, one chemistry, one biology, one medicine, two epidemiology, and two at large, that will examine the eligibility of applicants for membership and report its findings to the Society. F) To appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of one member representing physics, one chemistry, one biology, one medicine, two epidemiology, and two at large, each being appointed for a one-year term only but may be reappointed. G) To establish and foster representative publications as they become desirable. H) As necessary, appoint an Executive Director with appropriate compensation to assist in handling the affairs of the Society. I) As necessary, appoint an Executive Committee from its members and delegate to this committee such powers as Council sees fit. J) Appoint other committees as necessary.



Abergel, Rebecca, PhD Member Chemistry
Adhikary, Amitava, PhD Member Chemistry Councilor - Chemistry 2020 
Britten, Richard A., PhD Member Biology Councilor - Biology 2020
Cullings, Harry M., PhD  Member Epidemiology Councilor - Epidemiology 2021
Dingfelder, Michael, PhD
Member  Physics/ Biophysics
Li, Chuan-Yuan, DSc Member Biology Councilor-at-Large
Laiakis, Evagelia, PhD Member Biology Councilor-at-Large 2021
Schuemann, Jan, PhD
Member Physics Councilor - Physics 2020
Schwarz, Julie, MD, PhD Member Medicine Councilor - Medicine
La Tessa, Chiara, PhD  Member Physics Councilor-at-Large  2021
Willers, Henning, MD, PhD Member Medicine Councilor-at-Large 2021
Zablotska, Lydia, PhD  Member Epidemiology Councilor- Epidemiology 2021


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