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Criteria for Awards
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Failla Award Criteria
The Failla Award was established in 1962-1963 to honor the late Gioacchino Failla, one of the founding fathers of the Radiation Research Society and its second president. The award is given annually to an outstanding member of the radiation research community in recognition of a history of significant contributions to radiation research. Each year the RRS President presents the awardee with an engraved medallion and cash award.

The membership of the Awards and Honors Committee ensures that all disciplines in the Society are given representation for this award. Committee members nominate candidates for the Failla Award, and these are combined with candidates nominated by the membership to form a final roster from which the recipient is selected. Nominations should consist of current curriculum vitae and no more than two letters of support for the nominee.

Michael Fry Research Award Criteria
Nomination submission guidelines for this award are as follows:

Eligibility: The intent is to recognize an individual early in his/her career, but not defined by any specific age. In keeping with the intent of the award, early in career is typically considered to be within 10 years of completion of training (e.g., post-doc, residency, fellowship). A candidate is not required to be a member of the Society, but the work upon which the nomination is based must be in one or more of the areas of radiation research. Candidates who are unsuccessful in any given year may be re-nominated in a subsequent year if they continue to meet the above criteria.

Nominations: Nominations and letters of support for a candidate may be submitted by members of the Society or by other interested scientists. The dossier to be provided by the sponsor of a candidate should include the following:
a) The candidate’s curriculum vitae
b) The candidate’s bibliography, which should be divided into the following categories:
          1) Peer Reviewed Papers
          2) Proceedings, Book Chapters, Letters
c) Two papers that best represent the candidate’s work
d) Supporting letters from not less than two and not more than three persons (including the sponsor) who are familiar with the candidate’s accomplishments It is strongly suggested that the sponsor collect all of the necessary information and supporting letters prior to submitting the dossier to be sure that all materials are submitted prior to the deadline.

Marie Curie Award Criteria

The Marie Curie Award was established to recognize the Scholars-in-Training travel award applicant showing the highest potential for a successful career in radiation research.

Jack Fowler Award
The Jack Fowler Award is provided by the University of Wisconsin to honor the achievements of Professor Jack Fowler. The award recognizes an outstanding junior investigator for exceptional work in radiation oncology, medical physics, and/or radiobiology.   A candidate must be an outstanding junior investigator who has performed exceptional work in radiation oncology, medical physics, and/or radiobiology. Nominations for the Jack Fowler Award must include the candidate’s curriculum vitae, a nomination letter, and no more than two supporting letters.

J.W. Osborne Award
The J.W. Osborne Award honors an RRS member who has contributed significantly to the understanding of normal tissue radiation responses. The recipient of the “Osborne Award” should ideally be a mid-career scientist and a member of the RRS in good standing. Candidates for the Osborne Award are nominated by the membership of the Society, and the selection will be made by the Awards and Honors Committee. Nominations should consist of a nomination letter, the candidate’s curriculum vitae, and no more than two supporting letters.

Distinguished Service Award Criteria
The Distinguished Service Award shall be given to an RRS member or non-member to recognize continued service conducted beyond the call of duty to further the goals and objectives of the Society. This award need not be given annually, but rather when the Society deems it to be appropriate. The award is presented at the Annual Business Meeting.

Candidates for this award will be nominated by the membership of the Society. The Awards and Honors Committee itself may nominate candidates. Nominating letters should describe the distinguished service in detail, including an outline of offices and committee memberships held and the accomplishments made in such offices and committees. A curriculum vitae is also welcomed. No more than two additional letters of support will be accepted for each nominee. Nominations should consist of curriculum vitae, a nomination letter, and no more than two supporting letters.

Honorary Membership
The RRS Governing Council may be given nominations for this award, which honors an individual for their outstanding contributions to the objectives of the Society.

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